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Flashpoint Discussion
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Default Flashpoint Discussion

Alright, Jackheads, how many of you are going to be playing (or already have played) in Flashpoint events? If you are, what sort of lists are you running? What sort of lists worry you? I've got an event coming up (my first ever) and I want to bring a fairly decent list.

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Default Re: Flashpoint Discussion

Flashpoint Tournament 10/24/2009:

The rules for this tournament were a little different than the original Flashpoint rules because the TO was concerned about games lasting too long. So the lists were limited to 500 points.

I brought:
Shifting Stones
Sentry Stone

Game 1 - vs Retribution of Scyrah

I faced my first Retribution list ever. Garryth led the enemy army of a Phoenix and two light jacks as well as Narn, a pair of arcanists, and a pair of magisters, and a ghost sniper. Overall, the game was very straightforward. Narn ended up kicking the tar out of my Stone, Stones and Mannikens. My Woldwatcher fell to a pair of light jacks and I had some fun in the middle of the board with Megalith and the Woldwarden but failed to do much. When I finally got Garryth to a point where I might have been able to make a run for him, I failed to pop my feat and didn't realize that there was an ability which let Garryth move out of action. When he moved into position for a charge (along with Narn) I knew it was over for me.

Game 2 - vs Legion of Everblight

I've never really faced a fully tooled Legion list before. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind never facing one again. The list was Absylonia, a pair of Seraphs, and Angelis, and a Carniverian. Need I go on? I'd just like to point out that Blight Field is way OP'd, in my humble opinion (so is Strafe, for that matter). This game had me wishing that I had brought Lanyssa but wondering what she might have done. Needless to say, I lost (as did everyone else who played this list).

Game 3 - vs Skorne

My opponent ran Makeda, a pair of Brutes, a Titan Gladiator, a unit of Pain Givers and a unit of Venators. He had suffered some depletion on the Venators (I think 2). This game went the way Circle games are supposed to go. I threw my Sentry Stone forward early in the game with my Shifting Stones and began to make Mannikens while sucking off Fury. My Woldwatcher walked forward and turned a Venator into fertilizer. Meanwhile, Megalith and the Woldwarden waltzed forward to meet the wall of beasts on my right. Baldur hurried forward and popped a forest. The game was pretty much set at that point because of Skorne's lack of forests.

The Venators were outclassed against the Woldwatcher, the Mannikens began to hit various targets while the Sentry Stone kept them boosting. My constructs moved forward again and Earth Spiked while Baldur popped another forest.

In short, I was able to stall enough of his force to take it apart piecemeal. It was a really fun game and he was a great opponent to play against.

Game 4 - vs Retribution of Scyrah

I was a little overconfident from my nice win and I didn't play this game nearly as smart as what I should have. That combined with a solid list and I lost pretty readily. My opponent was running Kaelyssa , Eiryss, a Ghost Sniper, a full Mage Hunter strike force with Commander and Soulless, Narn, Nayl and a pair of jacks.. Needless to say, this list offered some great shooting and I wasn't really prepared for the complete disregard for cover, line of sight, etc. In the end, I tried desperately to get Arcane Killer on something to charge Kaelyssa. This failed miserably and I was left with an exposed Baldur and, very quickly, a dead Baldur.


Overall, the day was really fun. I was totally unprepared for Retribution's tricks. Honestly, I still think that the whole Mage Hunter / Kaelyssa thing is a bit OP'd. The ability to disregard line of sight and cover completely neuters Circle without offering us much to retaliate with. But, more likely, it was simply lack of experience.

My themed list faired decently. I had two relatively close games and a win. So I could have had three wins if I would have played smarter. The Legion game was really a joke. In hindsight I should have just given him the win or gone for flags or something. It was less of a game and more of a rout.

Nevertheless, I'm going to stick with themed lists. I like them and they look pretty on the table.
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Default Re: Flashpoint Discussion

My brother plays legion, so I know your pain.

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