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new to fantasy, lookin into ogres, help me out!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default new to fantasy, lookin into ogres, help me out!

I'm selling my tau army in favor of starting the game of fantasy, which I've heard so much about! The ogres look great for me as they are a small elite force. I think their magic looks good if I can learn to use it right so what I'm looking at starting with is the battalion box and converting 1 bull to be my bruiser and then buying a butcher (hes the magic guy right?) and a gorger for my 1000 point army. Now not knowing much about fantasy this army might suck hardcore, but thats why I need your guys help! Does this sound like an ok starting army or what? Also, are gnoblars worth it? I notice that my ogres aren't going to have numbers so they are probably just cannon fodder anyway at 2pts a piece. For core choices is it wise to load up on the elite ironguts, or to go for numbers with the bulls? I guess I've asked enough questions for now and any help will be appreciated Thanks!
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Default Re: new to fantasy, lookin into ogres, help me out!

I think you should get the rule book first.
Also, see if you can play a couple practice games so you can get to know fantasy better.
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Default Re: new to fantasy, lookin into ogres, help me out!

1. Ogres are incredinbly devestating on the charge, recieveing impact hits if they charge far enough, have loads of attacks with good strength, and toughness

2. Ogres have lots of huge characters capable of annilating everything in their path

3 Army as a whole is VERY fast

3. Ogres however can get easily out manvoured, and will always be outnumbered (average ogre unit = 4 ogres = unit strength 12. Average warhammer solid unit is 16-20 unit strength...). This means you need to guard you flanks and rear well, and hopefully cause enough damage to offset the outnumbering.

4. Multiwound items are evil against ogres - beware anything that causes D3 wounds of D6 wounds - cannons, stone throwers, magic items etc

1000 Points I would suggest as



4 Bulls

4 Bulls

Small unit of yhetees or leadblechers to guard flanks. Both have their benefits, both have their flaws.

Thats a pretty solid loist, but as Davydudeman said try and get same games, get accoastemed to the rules, learn the game, and see what you enjoy playing with. Happy gaming
Gorger/Gnoblar Trappers to stop march moves, take out artillery, be a pain in the but (well...the gorger will probably simply eat the but...and the body and head attached to the but...)
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Default Re: new to fantasy, lookin into ogres, help me out!

That's great your so interested. Ogres are a great force and have many good qualities but remember the bad also. And gnoblars are worth the points and Sharp stuff is actually quite useful be live it or not thought it may be weak they can get from 30 to 50 shots and even at those odds something is going to die.

Originally Posted by The Watcher
1000 Points I would suggest as



4 Bulls

4 Bulls

Small unit of yhetees or leadblechers to guard flanks. Both have their benefits, both have their flaws.
I am going to have to politely disagree with that. Ogre characters are far too expensive (about 150 for a decent with no magic items or big names). And second you need gnoblars to tie up the units that need to be tied up. Also don't forget the gnoblar are good at holding table quarters, and screening ogres from missile fire. And i would say use gnoblars on the flanks to intercept those trying to move on the flanks.
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Default Re: new to fantasy, lookin into ogres, help me out!

In a 1,000pt game, leave the magic at home. Frankly, you're so bloody tough you won't need it!

Now I'm a big Ogre fan, mainly because these lumbering brutes have been marching besides my Dogs of War since the start of 6th Edition. As such, here is my advice:

Ironguts rock. Bring them. I hate Bulls, but Ironguts are a force to be reckoned with. Sure, they're expensive, but get them into combat and your opponent will hate you for the rest of his (very short) life!

Leadbelchers rock. Bring them. Big, tough, and potentially devastating, these units will either blow your enemy to smitherines, or blow their own heads off checking why their cannon jammed. Either way, bloody good fun.

Gnoblars should not be underestimated. Bring a lot of them, and use them to cover a flank. Another good trick is to charge them first, keeping your General nearby to stop them breaking, and line up a Flank charge. Don't leave them out of Leadership range, because if you do they're dead meat.

Scraplaunchers are fun... although the last game I played with one in, it misfired every turn (much to my amusement... I wasn't the Ogre player!). Still, bad luck is something we have to learn to live with...

Maneaters are pricy, but worth it. They are possibly the coolest unit in the army, and I love them almost as much as Queen Bess. A fully-equipped Maneater weighs in at 90pts per model though, so watch out or they'll eat up all your points!
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: new to fantasy, lookin into ogres, help me out!

first of all ogres are a great army and i hope you enjoy playing them.
i think your army list sounds ok but you should build it slowly playing a game seeing where you are lacking fixing the issue playing fixing etc.
also knoblars are absolutly horrible.having said that(and no i am not on any new allergy meds) take atleast one unit of them. Why you ask? because they are incredibley cheap and yet opponents are afraid of them. not because of there fighting skills because as stated before they suck. but because getting into a combat with them ties you down for a few turns. turns you could be using to take down bigger threats and in an ogre army there sure are alot of them!

Anyway i hoped that helped a little and that you have fun with your ogres
P.S. your army list needs cheese!

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Default Re: new to fantasy, lookin into ogres, help me out!

They have say must of the things you need to know.

As a priority get the Army book, Ogres are a great and very cool army, as they say it will usually out numbered, here is where gnoblars come in handy they give you numbers.

Ogres are not that easy to create a good list from start, so you have to work it a couple of times to have it pulish as ogres are Strong and great Toughnes and gnoblars give you numbers, good balance.

Ogres are expencive so don't over do it remember that ogres are similar to Deamon Hunters in this aspect, can be over specialized with just ogres on the field or get a balanced army adding the gnoblars to the list.

I said as well not to use the magic on the ogres for 1000 points, i'm my self like the magic as gives me good results but as ogres are so expencive better no use the points for this at the moment.

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