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thinking tomb kings but...
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Default thinking tomb kings but...

I was looking through the codex for Tomb kings and noticed that all the troops suck! I know they cause fear and are fearless, but they also are slow and weak. What makes this army function since the rare creatures are not all that good either.

I did notice alot of magic, but it seems they will need many magi to keep the troops around.

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Default Re: thinking tomb kings but...

what armies have you used previously? Tomb Kings are VERY different to any other army... ok the basic troops 'suck' but use them in conjuncttion with the liche priests and WOOHOO!

One of (if not the) best shooting army out there... ignore the BS the archers hit on 5s, moving, shooting at skirmishing single character... doesn't matter, you still hit on a 5... no one else can be that effective at shooting on the move (not even wood elves)... add on the liche priests spelll which lets you shoot in the magic phases AS WELL as in the shooting phase and you will cause untold casualties (and I didn't mention the screaming skull catapult)

Chariots... Loads of them, and they can charge ( if well used) a unit they couldn't even see at the start of the turn! Again magic helps here, but if there is one thing tomb kings excel at... it's magic (no miscasts!)

Tomb Scorpions... the bane of my Greenskins.... pop up in the middle of a night goblin unit and watch the damage (not pretty if your nearby)

Bone Giant... unstoppable charge (Yes it is!)

Casket of Souls.... as an opponent with low leadership- this is awful...I keep as many dispel dice to counteract it ... which means that all the magic shooting and movement will happen

Tomb Kings may have weak troops but as a force, when used properly, they are absolutely awesome!
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Default Re: thinking tomb kings but...

My only fantasy experience is with very limited Lizard man army back when skinks had bows. I didn't care much for it, since the skinks shot poorly and ran away at first opportunity.

I like the idea of masses of resurectable skeletons with chariots and undead constructs. the magic seems necessary as you say, so perhaps many liche mages to keep the bones rolling

Thanks for the response
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Default Re: thinking tomb kings but...

The magic is what it's all about. Think, 2000 pt army. A Tomb King, Tomb Prince, two Liche Priests and a Bound spell (any). Assume your opponent has two dispel scrolls and an average pool of dice. After the first or second turn you will (not attempt to, will) cast spells EVERY TIME with only a meagre amount of dispel dice left on the other side!

chilledenuff was right too about having superior maneuverability. No other army in the Fantasy world can have a chariot unit that (after a subtle incantation) can be 32" from an enemy, facing the wrong way and STILL CHARGE! Mwahahaha >

Worried bout your precious Heirophant? Stick a Cloak of Dunes on him and watch him fly 20" all over the place... Look at him go!!!
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