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Starting Dwarves, help wanted
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Default Starting Dwarves, help wanted

I have agreed to start playing fantasy with a friend. Initially, we are going to get started at around 500 points. I've chosen to play dwarves, cause they're short and hairy, but I have no idea what is really necessary in a fantasy army. Is it better to have lots of ranks or just a few with more unit choices? I have no models yet - I'll be buying them only after I have a decent idea of what I should get.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? What do I definately need, what would be nice to have, etc.

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Default Re: Starting Dwarves, help wanted

I'm not a dwarf player (thier skin's the wrong shade of green for me :-D)* However I do face a lot of dwarf players... 500 points would normally be a thane, some warriors, crossbow men and bolt throwers (rune of skewering or penetration.... ask a dwarf player which one it is to make it strength 7) All I know is dwarves are tough to beat up with gobbos!
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Default Re: Starting Dwarves, help wanted


My first post, and its about the army i play the most ;D

Ok like chilledenuff said you will need a hero, a Thane, all round nice guy to have and you need a general in you army. Put a couple of Runes on him too.

Next your core units, warriors are a good unit and the main ones in a Dwarf army, i would say no smaller than 20 in a unit but tthat'sme, also give them heavy armour and shields and hand weapons, with this combo you will have a 3+ armour save in combat, which is nice, also a full command squad. Also i prefer Thunderers to crossbowmen, mainly because they can move and fire, and they have more of a kick to them. So 10 thunderers all with shields and NO command.

And to finish off, a bolt thrower is a good addition. The Rune of Penetrating does give it +1 to its strength, but you may find it a push to add this in 500 Pt's but it can be done

Well i hope this helps you alittle

And Gobbos are always nice to squish, especially yours chilledenuff :P
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