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Nurgle - 850 Points
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Old 02 Aug 2005, 15:28   #1 (permalink)
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Default Nurgle - 850 Points

I recently started to play fantasy and I am looking for feedback on my chaos daemon army.

Exalted Daemon: Mark of Nurgle, Stream of Corruption - 300

Plaguebearers (12) - 192

Nurglings (2) - 80

Warriors (12): Mark of Nurgle, Full Command - 260

I am not really sure where I want to go from here. I am thinking of getting another couple Plaguebearer units and increasing the warriors to 16 models.
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Default Re: Nurgle - 850 Points

Definately more plaguebearers, large units of daemons are fantastic... have you considered using SOC army list so that your save is ward not just daemonic?
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Old 04 Aug 2005, 15:31   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Nurgle - 850 Points

I did consider it, but I already bought and painted a squad of warriors. I just wanted a bit more troop selection than the daemonic legion allows (regardless of the advantages that is gives).
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Default Re: Nurgle - 850 Points

Good list. To expand it, I would suggest getting a spawn, beasts of nurgle can be particularly nasty against any large creatures. You can't really go wrong with plague bearers, and a chariot would do quite well in there.
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Default Re: Nurgle - 850 Points

It looks good but i dont know about the daemon. In a small game like this 300 pts is alot and to put that much into a hero choice is very risky I would add some points to the army before you play with it.
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