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2500 von carstien list
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Default 2500 von carstien list

After modeling some skeleton's and black knights I have decided to not play a blood dragon army. In my new list I tried to build a set of hard core troops surrounded by squads of hard hitting fast and flexable special troops. I planned to stick the count in my skeleton unit with spears, and both necromancers in the other skeleton units. The thrall hunts chariots, and mages and I would tuck my banshees in just behind my skeletons to scream at anything in combat.
Thanks for your opinions.

Vampire Count: Lvl 2 wizard, great weapon, the Carstien ring (340)
Vampire Thrall: heavy armor, great weapon, flayed hauberk, wolf form (138)
Necromancer: Lvl 2 wizard, Book of Arkhan,dispel scroll (150)
Necromancer: Lvl 2 wizard, staff of damnation, biting blade (150)
19 Skeletons: full command, spears (197)
19 Skeletons: full command (177)
19 Skeletons: full command (177)
10 ghouls (80)
12 dire wolves (120)
4 fell bats (80)
4 spirit hosts (260)
8 black knights: full command (224)
8 black knights: full command (224)
banshee (90)
banshee (90)
In some of my posts I may mention my feelings, opinions, and/or some facts about various armies. These comments are in no way meant to hurt or insult any quality players, with well planned (sometimes painted) armies. The quality of "Cheese" is limited to the specific individual and can only be enhanced/diminished by any imbalance due to game design, codex creep, or by not having a new codex for eight years. Any posted comments are not intended for any army as a whole.
Thank you, and goodnight.
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Default Re: 2500 von carstien list

not bad not bad.......I would look at maybe dropping some points off somewhere and taking a black coach or two to back up the knights.....maybe drop the spirit hosts and ghouls?

but just an idea, you don't have to, just the chance of getting in a black coach in with some knights on a charge is just a great opportunity I wouldn't give up.
monkey magic monkey magic
monkey magic monkey magic

just my two cents....
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