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Warriors of Chaos BatRep Blog;
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Default Warriors of Chaos BatRep Blog;

Game 1 - Vs Vampire Counts - 2000 Points

Magical Onslaught Chaos List;

Sorcerer Lord;
Barded Steed,
Blood of Tzeentch,
Mark of Slaanesh,
Extra Level.
Extra Level,
Power Familiar,
Book of Secrets.
Mark of Tzeentch,
Conjoined Humonculous,
Infernal Puppet,
Extra Level.
Mark of Nurgle,
Rod of Torment,
Extra Level.

10 Warriors;
Banner of Wrath,
Mark of Slaanesh.
[Joined by Tzeentch Wizard]
22 Marauders;
Full Command,
[Joined by other 2 Wizards so 6x4].

6 Hounds;
5 Marauder Horse;
5 Knights;


I would be facing a Blood Dragon army;

Extra Level,
Dread Knight,
Red Fury,
Lord of the Dead,
Avatar of Death [Shield + Hand Wep],
Dark Acolyte.
Avatar of Death [Shield + Hand Wep],
Dark Acolyte.
Avatar of Death [Shield + Hand Wep],
Dark Acolyte.

19 Skellies;
Full Command.
19 Skellies;
Full Command.
19 Skellies;
Full Command.

5 Hounds;
6 Hounds;

5 Black Knights;
Barding, Full Command.
5 Blood Knights;
Full Command.

Pre Game Thoughts -

I have faced this list before and obviously If I cant deal with those Knights they will smash my army. The Lord with the Black Knights is just as potent as those Blood Knights. My Plan was to get the jump on his Black Knights and Lord with my Knights and Sorcerer Lord, hitting them hard enough for combat res to kill him off. Using my hounds to lure out his hounds and then hitting them with my Knights, over-running into his Knights.

My only option for the Blood Knights was to use their Frenzy against them and try to get them into a position were my Infantry could get the jump on them, using my Fast Cav.

The enemy still had 11 Power Dice, 5 of which would usually be at +1 to cast so they would still be raising a lot.

My spells were either useless psychology ones or magic missiles, my Lord only got 2 that could be used this game in the 1 + 6 spells of Slaanesh. My Nurgle one got Abundance and Curse and my Tzeentch one also got 1+6. My Undivided one got Sword of Rhuin, Conglag and Pit of Shades from his book. So really it was just a matter if I could kill more than he could raise with the magic phases.

The Screamer, perverse Sorcerer of Slaanesh laughed at the reports his understudies were bringing him. Each a devotee of a different god, competition was fierce but it ensured him that none of the Pantheon looked down too unfavourably on him.

A coven of Warrior Undead, a force of 'Blood Dragons' had decided that they wished not only for perfection in martial prowess, they wanted power. No doubt fuelled by the success their popmous cousins have had in Slyvinia. But before they could unleash hell on the world, they needed the power of the Arcane to fuel their armies. He laughed again, a cruel cutting laugh.

He was their target?, they would bleed him dry of his and his understudies secrets in order to fuel their own sorcerous gains?. Fools!. He would show them the true might of the Winds of Magic, that it was something not to be trifled with!

Early Game

The enemy set up all its Cav on my left flank, all the Infantry on the right.

The enemy got first turn and advanced on me, rasing 1 Skellie unit up to 25 models, that was about it though.

My Hounds still werent in range of his Hounds in front of his Black Knights so I just moved right in front of them to force their hand with my Knights moving up behind. The Spawns lumbered forwards, one heading at the Blood Knights. My Horsemen moved across my lines to help support my left flank.

My Magic saw a few skellies blasted, taking the 25 back to 20 and 2 Blood Knights die. I stupidly forgot about both my bound items AND the Hellcannons shooting....Dammit.

The enemy Hounds charged my Hounds whilst the second unit moved right behind my Knights, I had forgot that they were fast Cav. Not to worry though as with my Horsemen moving last turn, they had left their flank open to be hit by them.

Magic seen the Blood Knights recover and edge forwards. The enemy Hounds killed 3 of mine and they broke and fled the table. They restrained their pursuit.

Cavalry Engage

My Horsemen smashed into the flank of the enemy Hounds behind my Knights whilst my Knights smashed into the Hounds that had killed my own. My Spawn lumber foward again, one inches in front of the Blood Knights and the other inches in front of an enemy Infantry Block.

My Magic again hurt the Blood Knights, killing 1 or 2. Whilst the rest took large chunks out of the enemy Infantry Blocks. Hellcannon guessed dead on an enemy unit but scattered and misssed everything.

My Horsemen smashed the Hounds and over-ran a little. My Knights also smashed their Hounds and over-ran into the Black Knights, killing all but the Champ and Lord. They strucck back, the Lord failing to kill my unit Champion thanks to him still getting a 3+ Save. The Black Knight Champ crumbled but the Lord passed 2 out of 4 crumble saves and so only lost 1 wound.

The Blood Knights, hit my Spawn, killing it and over running.

One Infantry Block charged my Spawn, the Vamp wounding it but losing a few Skellies.

The Undead Magic seen a few Skellies raised back and the Lord Healed but he lost another wound to Combat Res.

My Horsemen hit the Flank of the Blood Knights, whilst my Warriors moved to hit their flank once more once the Marauders broke and the Blood Knights were forced to give chase.

My Marauder unit charged an enemy Skellie unit. My Magic caused more damage. The Hellcannon guessed dead on but scattered and missed everything, again.

The Horsmen lost but managed to pass their moral check. So my plans for my Warriors flanking the Knights were on hold.

The Spawn wounded the Vamp and didnt get hurt.

The Vamp Lord didnt lose any wounds this turn.

My Marauders hit the Skellie Block, my Nurgle Sorcerer wounding the Vamp but taking a wound, my unit Champ killing the Skellie Champ. I won by a fair few with other kills, reducing enemy numbers with crumbling.

Undead Resurgance

Magic seen a lot of Skellies recovered as I was focussing on stopping the Lord regaining wounds.

The last un-engaged Skellie Block charges my Hellcannon, killing the Dwarfs. Whilst the Cannon wounded the Vamp.

The Spawn was killed.

The Lord finally died as my unit Champ wounded him and Combat Res finished him off.

My Horsmen held again.

In the main combat, the Vamp cut down my unit champ and got some overkill, I killed only 1 Skellie with all my attacks and their return attacks killed 3 Marauders. My unit then failed it's test and ran right off the board....2 Sorcerers and my main combat unit dead.

My Knights come back round ready to charge the rear of the unit that killed my Spawn. The Hellcannon finished the Vamp it was fighting whilst my magic did a little more damage.

Closing Stages

The unit that had beaten my Marauders turned and healed their Vamp and a few of the unit that would be hit by my Knights. That unit also turned to take the charge to the front. My Horsemen broke and the Blood Knights had to give chase, revealing their flank to my Warriors at last. The Hellcannon continued to eat Skellies.

My Knights charged the depleted Skellie unit that had battled the Spawn, wiping them out and over runninginto the rear of the Hellcannon combat, wiping those out too. My Warriors hit the flank of the depleted Blood Knights, actually getting a couple of kills and the rest dying from Combat Res.

The day was won, the only remaining enemy a unit of Skellies and 1 Blood Dragon Thrall leading them. I had only lost my Hounds, Horsemen and Marauders.

Result - Win

Massacre for the forces of Chaos.

Post Game Thoughts -

My plans for dealing with the enemy Cav went nicely. Magic was a bit of a stalemate as my kills were cancelled with summoning, I could have done with better spells, I really wanted Pandemonium with Inferna Puppet. On that note though, I did Miscast a few times at the end of my magic phases but that Item meant I never even took a wound from it. Plus I always saved lots of dice spells for last so I didnt end the phase early. The damage I did do helped turn a few combats though.

My Hellcannon never hit once despite my guesses being dead on. I wanted it as a flank charger but it got charged before it could support my Marauders, it did fine though, doing well in combat on its own.

The Screamer looked on through the eyes of his ritual mask. A drawn screaming face of the thinnest white marble. His rune powered glaive throbbing in his hands. With the horrifying shriek from which he had gained his title, a scream enough to stop the hearts of mortals. He led his knights into a thunderous charge, straight into the heart of the enemy. Cut out its heart and they will fall. His Psychic Scream would not effect the Undead, but it would show their Lord his power. It sneered at him as they closed, believing a mere Sorcerer no match for him in combat, a fool for even trying.

That sneer turned to a snarl of anger as the Screamers Knights smashed his own. The snarl grew into rage born of desperation as the Screamer hammered him with blow after blow, with no room to bring its deadly lance to use it had resorted to its side arm, no match for the Screamers sorcerous glaive. It was over soon after, the beast fell, its head cleaved from his shoulders, its army began to crumble whilst the Screamers students hastened the process with their spells of unbinding. A lone Thrall fought his way clear, his power retaining a bodyguard of Undead to protect it on its retreat. The Screamer pulled his horned mount up, he would let the Undead escape, he would let it tell its kind that the might of undeath was no match for the might of Chaos.
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