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Lizardmen 1500 Points
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Default Lizardmen 1500 Points

Just a pretty standard 1500 points lizardmen list for casual and friendly games. I still want something fairly competitive so comments and criticism's more than welcome.


Scar Veteran: blessing of Tzunki, Scimitar of the Sun Resplendent, light armour, shield, blessing of Quetzl.
159 points.

Scar Veteran: battle standard, light armour, blessing of Quetzl, blessing of Tzunki, Sun Standard of Chotec.
172 points.

Skink Shaman: level 2, dispel scroll.
125 points.
15 Saurus Warriors: musician, standard-bearer, spawning champion.
210 points.

20 Saurus Warriors: musician, standard-bearer, spawning champion.
270 points.

14 skinks, brave, javelins and shields.
89 points.

10 skinks, brave, blowpipes, scouts.
75 points.
3 terradons.
105 points.

5 Saurus Cavalry: musician, standard-bearer, spawning champion.
225 points.
1 salamander.
65 points.
TOTAL: 1495 points
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