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wood elf army list
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Default wood elf army list

i have a wood elf army that's around 1000 points and i'm wanting opinions on it, i'm new to fantasy so... ^_^

well here goes!

wood elf noble- 140 pts
wardancer kindred
moonstone of hidden ways (orb of awesomeness in my case)

spellsinger- 150 pts
level 2 wizard
Calaignors stave

branch wraith- 90 pts
a cluster of radients

10 Glade guard- 126 pts
lords bowman

8 dryads- 96 pts

5 wardancer troupe- 111 pts
blade singer

treeman- 285 pts

my general tactic with the army is to distract who i'm playing against to focus solely on the treeman and units surrounding it. using tree sing to move the trees around, mainly so they're closer to one of my opponents units and another closer to my wardancers, until the trees are behind the unit i want to attack and have my wardancers use the moonstone of hidden ways to flank that unit.

hope it's ok... ^_^ thanks in advance for the opinions
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