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1250point Warhammer tournament
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Default 1250point Warhammer tournament

last Saturday i want to my local game store's warhammer tournament with my warriors of chaos (see topic bellow)

Round 1

his list was
a paladin
2x8 knights of the realm
6 grail knights
15 bowmen
5 mounted yeomen

to be honest i got slaughtered in this game.he moved 1 of his knights of the realm and the grail knights a bit to far forward as so that my chaos knights with general could charge them but they failed to do much he lost 1 grail knight and 1 knight of the realm i failed my leadership test got run down. the knights of the realm overran into 1 of my chaos warriors units. start of his turn his general and knights charge my last unit. with predictable results

kills: 1 grail knight and 1 knight of the realm
turns: 2 bretonian 1 chaos
result: got massacred

my second game went better fighting the beasts of chaos
wargor BSB
bray shaman
big unit of beastmen
10 warhounds
1 chariot
2 spawn
12 khornegor
1 sagoth

we move forward towards each other. i get surprised by a movement spell from the shaman which results in me losing a unit of chaos warriors. he was suprised by my chaos knights charging the sagoth wich resulted in the chaos knights clearing that flank of the warhounds 1 spawn and the sagoth in a 2 turn slaugter. on the other flank my general destroyed a chariot and a spawn. the rest of the game i don't remember all that clearly but i know i lost my second warrior unit and my general killed all of his remaining forces
result: massacre for me

my final game was against the best player from my gaming group (the pepole who come to the shop reguraly)
he was using wood elves
2 mages
1 wild rider noble
2x6 units of wild riders
8 dryads
10 glade guard
6 wardancers

this game was basicaly fought on his terms due to the fact that he had more skirmishers and fast cavalry then you can shake a stick at

notable moments:
my general charges his dyrads kill them then takes a charge from both the wardancers and 1 unit of wild riders. he kills 5 wardancers which failed to do a killing blow and proceeds to overrun into the glade guard.
the wild riders with general charge my unit of chaos warriors in the flanks after that my battle standard bearer comes out of the other chaos warrior unit and stands right in front of them. takes the charge and in 2 turns kills them all.
one of his wizards cast D6 S5 hits on my chaos knights the kills 4 of them
my charachters did all the killing this game the units where just meatshields.
Result: solid victory

conclusion: was a nice tournament and nice to play warhammer after a 6 month break. i think i did good considering that i suck at warhammer.
But Isn't it funny to think that guard might be able to copy eldar tactics slightly?
You mean "Perform Eldar tactics better than Eldar", right? :P
Not unless the Eldar have an obscure Warrior Aspect that revolves around the complete mastery of the common light bulb.
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