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High Elf army list 2kpts
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Default High Elf army list 2kpts

This list does not quite add up to 2k pts, so i need a bit of help deciding what to use the last 300pts for, I think a few chariots would go nicely, either 2 chariots of chrace, or 4 tiranoc chariots, and drop a few dragon princes.

Star Dragon,
Great Weapon,
Armour of Caledor,
Vambraces of Defense.

LoreMaster Cloak,
Barded Steed,
Dragon Armour,
Shield, Lance.

Battle Standard,
Banner of the World Dragon,
Barded Steed,
Dragon Armour,
Shield, Lance.

6 Dragon Princes;
Full Command,
Banner of Arcane Protection.

5 Dragon Princes;
Full Command.
Joined by a Noble.

5 Dragon Princes;
Full Command.
Joined by a Noble.

10 Spearmen
10 Spearmen

Thanks in advance.

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