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2250 Brettonian List, C&C Needed.
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Default 2250 Brettonian List, C&C Needed.

Well, there is a battle coming up in 2 weeks that is supposed to be "cheesey" so I figured I would keep funning Brettonians. If I really wanted cheese I would have just ran an Errant war, but meh. Here is the list I came up with for it.

HQ- 798

Green Knight
Paladin with Vow of Heroism and Enchanted Shield on brettonnian warhorse with lance
Paladin (Batle standard bearer) and warbanner on brettonnian warhorse with shield and lance
L2 Damsel on Brettonian warhorse with Holy Icon
L2 Damsel on foot w/ 2 dispell scrolls


8 Knights of the Realm w/ full command
9 Knights of the Realm w/ full command
9 Errant Knights w/ full command
9 Errant Knights w/ full command and errantry banner

Special -250

4 Pegasus Knights w/ Full command


Trebuchet w/ Yeoman
5 Grail Knights w/ Full command


I would have rather kept my units at 8 knights each, as I am planning on running a hero with each unit (other than one unit of KoR) but I had 64 points to play with. I was going to use it for some peasent bowmen, but after playing wood elves, I'm too embarassed to even touch them.

Now the problem is that I've only used Brettonians in one real battle, 2 battles where I had only half the point of my opponent, and one where I ran pure peasants, so I really need C&C.
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