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Lizardmen 2250pts All-comers
Old 22 Oct 2008, 08:00   #1 (permalink)
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Default Lizardmen 2250pts All-comers

Venerable Lord Kroak 1,225pts

Skink Priest
-Cloak of Feathers
-Dragonfly of Quicksilver

Skink Priest
-Cloak of Feathers

Core Units
20 Temple Guard
-Standerd Bearer
-Revered Guardian

10 Skink Skirmishers
-Shields and Javelins

10 Skink Skirmishers
-Shields and Javelins

10 Skink Skirmishes

10 Skink Skirmishes

Rare Units
2 Salamaders

Grand Total: 2235pts

15 Points to spend! Any C&C is highly welcome.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Lizardmen 2250pts All-comers

As cool as Kroak is, I would hate to use him, heck I never even use a 2nd Gen Slann. To be honest with your TG and Kroak this is really a one-trick pony. I just don't think it works well...

Plus why on earth have you included the Dragonfly of Quicksilver? It is quite possibly the biggest waste of points in the whole game. I know you have alot of scouts but still.

Oh and you can't have magic items twise, so your list is illegal (2x COF)
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Default Re: Lizardmen 2250pts All-comers

Also, your list lacks heavy hitters and suffers from 'all your eggs in one basket' syndrome.
Your temple guard with Kroak may be hard as nails but because you have no other combat units, they are going to bear the brunt of all your opponent can throw at them. Skink screens could help but aren't any good in combat. The temple guard will be outflanked, isolated and unsupported without any normal saurus to back them up.

I would recommend swapping out kroak for some kroxigors (which work well with skink screens), maybe some cold ones and a scar veteran for a more fighty hero. If you still want to go down the magical route, buy a normal slann instead and a couple of saurus units to form a proper battle line for the skinks to work around.
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