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Need some serious help rembembering the ogre army deal
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Need some serious help rembembering the ogre army deal

hi guys!

About a year ago i bought the ogre army deal from my friend, none of the models were opened, and everything came in their respective boxes. Only problem is that now i just don't understand why i don't have more models....

if i remember correctly this is what i ended up with after assembling everything:

1 Limited Bruiser

1 Hunter with sabretusks

6 yethees (he bought 3 of them himself, so 3 from the box + 3 more)

8 Bulls

4 Ironguts

24 Gnoblars

6 or 8 trappers

This just can't be right! i payed like 1500 norwegian KR for them (250USD). Anyone there with a good memory?
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Default Re: Need some serious help rembembering the ogre army deal

If you're referring to the Ogre Kingdoms Army Set then everything you have is correct, except that your supposed to have a Tyrant instead of a Bruiser.
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Also Hive Tyrant Horror has one of the best ideas around in my opinion. ;D
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