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high or dark elves?
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Default high or dark elves?

i'm starting fantasy, and i want to know if the high elves or dark elves are better
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Default Re: high or dark elves?

very simalar armies... do you like the idea of bitter twisted evil elves or hoity toity 'we're better than anyone else' elves... thats about the only difference (that and repeater crossbows which dark elves have ;D)
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Default Re: high or dark elves?

Id have to go for High Elves cause of the new Army's book + the new Battalion boxed set, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much you got in there.
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Default Re: high or dark elves?

i tend to like the high elves better. so I'd would go with them.
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Default Re: high or dark elves?

Theyre kinda equal yet opposite, well not entirely opposite. Dark Elf is a more sublte approach, High Elf is a generally more powerful approach.
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Default Re: high or dark elves?

it's like comparing eldar vs. dark eldar... except cross over a few bits between each other.

high elves - kickass magic, nice cavalry and emphasis on 'strike at one moment with everything u got' tactics, but lack versatility (either u sit back, or you charge em. u can't really do both, or u die), and don't really have alot of access to the air (one rare unit and maybe your character...)

dark elves - more versatile (an army list is more likely to adjust according to the situation), more access to beasts, and IMO, less access to 'i suck units' (phoenix guard and sea guard? c'mon.....), but they don't necessarily excel at anything (which could be considered a positive thing as well... but if u try to outshoot a wood elf player, for instnace, ur not really gonna succeed, for instance..)
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