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Default Lizardmen

Hey, I'm starting a lizardmen army, and I already have a lord on carnosaur (kroq-gar), 24 skinks and some saurus cavalry. Any lizard-players able to advice my next purchase? Im thinking saurus...
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Default Re: Lizardmen

i don't play lizards but as someone who plays against them you will want a couple of saurus units and a couple of slann mages, after that terradons make excellent artillary hunters
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Default Re: Lizardmen

Might I also recommend a salamander. I nice artillery unit, or sorts, that causes fear some it has a decent means of protection against war machine hunters. My friend plays a skink horde and I can't tell you how useful the salamander was against my orcs
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Lizardmen

Yeah you should have at least one Saurus unit, not just 1 Salamander but 3 is much better. A Steg would be good too, the Lizard rare units are great. Get some Terradons too.
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Default Re: Lizardmen


in other words these nastys are bril models with brill stats *nods*
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Default Re: Lizardmen

some saurus and NO SPEARS ;D
a complete waste of opinions IMO.
no one will realy charge your saurus (most of the time) so those extra points could be put to better use.

as for the rest, why not have a game or 2 with your friends and use proxies and try them out ;D


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