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Macedonian Phalanx (2000 points)
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Default Macedonian Phalanx (2000 points)

Good day everyone, I am interested in doing an Empire/DoW army loosely based on the army of Alexander the Great. I have calculated some point-values, and am looking for feedback.

Lord Character:
Alexander (Counts as Templar Grandmaster), Mantle of Heracles (Count as holy Relic)
Bodyguard 5 Companions (Count as Inner Circle Knights): 300 points

Core Troops:
Hypaspistai (Count as Swordsmen): One of the classic weaknesses of the traditional hoplite phalanx was its difficulty of maneuver, plus inability to hold a shield to the right. The Macedonian army countered this weakness to an extent by guarding the right flank of the phalanx with hypaspistai, elite soldiers with an oval shield called a thureos, and a smaller spear which enabled them to fight in individual combat)
30 Hypastists (180 pts),
Toxtotai (Count as archers) (10 Toxtotes 80 points)

Argyraspides Pikemen (Count as Ricco's Republican Guard): Armed with the deadly sarissa, the Silver Shields were veteran phalangites whom were unparalleled in frontal assaults. 30 Phalangites+Commander=420 points
Thracian Cavalry (Empire Pistoliers): Armed with heavy javelins, spears and falx, the Thracian Cavalry would guard the left flank of the phalanx. 10 Riders=180 points
Thracian Cavalry (Empire Pistoliers). 10 Riders=180 points
Companion Cavalry (Count as Knights of the Inner Circle): The famed Companion Cavalry would deploy on the right of the Hypaspistai. Cost already calculated with knights

Thracian Peltasts (Count as Duellists with Pistols). Armed with heavy javelins, and short rhompania, the peltasts would skirmish with the enemy prior to engagement. 10 Peltasts=90 points
Thracian Peltasts x 10=90 points

Any suggestions? I still have about 480 points left to go. I am thinking of burning it on anti-magic resistance/Warrior Priests of Zeus, etc. :P
Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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Default Re: Macedonian Phalanx (2000 points)

Maybe Mages with Lore of Fire or Iron as Prophets of Hephestus? :P

Nice list anyway, my friend.
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