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Starting Empire- Need some help
Old 21 Sep 2008, 01:15   #1 (permalink)
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Default Starting Empire- Need some help

Hey guys.

I am starting warhammer fantasy alongside at least one of my friends. I have decided upon empire (and will later begin to play lizards). My friend will be playing vampire counts.

We will be starting out just using warbands, which is a mich smaller way of playing WFB, with no heroes needed under 200 points (you can have a champion or a hero that costs less than 75 points.)

So I have settled on a core of free company troops alongside some archers/crossbowmen for their longer range. I have no idea what he wil be taking though.

I would just like some advise on how to start a general empire army (based around hunting the undead, so my major hero will be a warrior priest, as well as battle mages taking spells from the lore of light.) and advise on how to play against the undead. I think he likes the idea of skeletons, so I will probably be facing varients of those more often than not.

Thanks guys!
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Old 24 Sep 2008, 13:56   #2 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Starting Empire- Need some help

Hmmm I've never played against VC, I don't collect Empire (but I know someone who does) but when you start on Lizards I'll be happy to comment!

As much as I know small games (or very small in your case) are the best way to start out, It's hard to give advice as such. But for expanding, Empire has som pretty nifty stuff. Going with a canon is a good way to mash up all those undead R'n'F units and you can't go wrong with Empire Knights.
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Default Re: Starting Empire- Need some help

Hey before deciding on dark elves I was thinking of doing a vampire count army and received some pretty usefull information here http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=71987.0

A friend of mine also collects vampire counts and I guess that the thing is to watch out for their magic they rely pretty heavily on raising units up and cheap core units blocking your units in until they can use their powerfull units or characters to come after you. So dispell dice and dispell scrolls for the win ;D
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Default Re: Starting Empire- Need some help

Possibly a unit or two of out riders or pistoliers, to do a bit of character hunting. If they have no mages, they can't raise dead plus with a unit of out riders all with repeater hand guns, they can put out a fearsome amount of fire power.
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Default Re: Starting Empire- Need some help

Well I played a game yesterday. We decided to leave out some of the warbands rules (Restricting character cost). It was a Wight King on horse with lance, 4 zombies, 3 skeletons, 3 crypt ghouls and 3 dire wolves for 200 points. He was trying out all the units I guess...

I had a lvl 2 mage (we both had character valued at 100) 6 spearmen box (so I can use ranks) 3 archers and 2 knights.

We had time restraints, so he wounded my mage (who was using lore of light >) and lost my spearmen. The knights didn't see action because I mis-moved them poorly. I killed his wight king, zombies and dire wolves. The knights were facing off the skeletons and ghouls, while the archers and mage looked pretty open...

So we called it a draw. I'm going to be more numbers oriented next time...
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