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Da Horde of Da Bad Squig. 2000 point Night Gobbos
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Default Da Horde of Da Bad Squig. 2000 point Night Gobbos

Well... This list was born of the old one, after taking advice from several sources and learning of several interesting tactics, I put together this....

Lord/Heroes – 575
Night Goblin Warboss Nzad Lazygit
-Great Cave Squig (‘Da Bad Squig)
-Amulet of Protectyness
-Best Basha
-Armor of Gork

Night Goblin Bigboss Zasx Bigfart (joins unit of 40)
-Standard Bearer
-Bad Moon on a Stick
-Light Armor

Night Goblin Shaman Rtak ‘liddlegob
-Level 2
-Dispel Scroll
-Dispel Scroll

Night Goblin Shaman Beradn Bonecrusha
-Level 2
-Dispel Scroll
-Dispel Scroll

Core – 885
40 Night Goblins
-Full command
-3 Fanatics

20 Night Goblins
-Full command
-3 Fanatics

20 Night Goblins
-Full command

20 Night Goblins
-Short Bows
-Full Command
-3 Fanatics

25 Night Goblins
-Short Bows
-Full Command

Special – 120
Squig Herd

6x Squig Hoppers

Rare – 410



1 Warboss on Giant Squig mount
1 Bigboss Standard Bearer
2 lvl 2 Casters
125 Rank & File Night Goblins (80 spears, 45 bows)
2 Herders
4 Squigs
6 Squig Hoppers
2 Giants
12 Fanatics

6 Casting Dice
4 Dispel Dice
4 Dispel Scrolls

Well... Tactics.

The Standard bearer join the unit of 40, giving them an automatic +5 to combat resolution, makes them stubborn and they can re-roll break tests. Hard core? for gobbos yes....

The Squig Hoppers and my Lord will run up one flank supported by one of the giants, the other giant will move along with the squig herd down the other flank.

I plan to hold off one flank with the spear u nit without the fanatics (its amazing the amount of people who won;t go near a unit for fear of fanatics... even when it dosn't actually have them in it!).

My lord will be a big help if I can get him in on one flank and run him through the enemy flanks with the squig hoppers.
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