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Which is better, Fantasy or 40k?
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Default Which is better, Fantasy or 40k?

40 k is really good, but Fantasy is just so much better. Admittadly i haven't played thaaaaat much 40 k, but there is just so much more tactics, so much more variety in your armies and its not just shoot the enemy to pieces before they can reach you! The models are really cool as well - I just can't see why more people dont play fantasy.

Ask 42 which is better out of the two (he's played one small basic battle of his Dark Elves vs my Chaos and he already says that fantasy is just much better.

What does everyone else think - am I right or am I right? ;D
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Default Re: Which is better, Fantasy or 40k?

Already a big thread on this on page 2, pretty much everyone has said what they think there. So i'll lock this.

Still you are very right Fantasy is better by far.
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