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Need help vs Brettonia
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Default Need help vs Brettonia

Hi , i play warriors of chaos, and my friend recently got brettonians. He has many other armies, including daemons, skaven and vampires. but i usually beat these, and seeing as he isn't the best player in the world, i was hopeful i may win. However, i proceded to get beaten badly. in 1500pts, he took 4 large units of knights, each with a hero in it. I only had one unit of chaos knights to compensate. Although they did win their combat, there wasn't anything i could do about the other units. they just charged me and won by ridiculous amounts of combat resolution. i have a lot of thought into how to beat the, maybe the banner of the gods for stubborn, or just maybe more knights. Any help will be greatly appreictated

thanks in advance

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Default Re: Need help vs Brettonia

Well, being chaos, i would have to say you could go heavy on magic, and try for fear causing things. Hell I beat brettonians occasionally, and that's with beasts! Heavy magic could do the trick, along with fear causing things. Try those.
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