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Orc 2000pt list
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Default Orc 2000pt list

This is my first list, so i was just wondering what you thought about it, its made up of the battle for skull pass, the grimgor blister and the orc army.

Grimgor 375 pts (to do with that pesky speed of asuryan (i think) rule, oh, and because i just took out archaon with him, with ease too)

Black orc big boss 155pts
battle standard
heavy armour
waaagh banner
(angry orc, angry boar, angry banner...?)

Night goblin shaman 100 pts
staff of sneaky stealing
(just to keep those spells away)

29 night gobbos 196pts
1 fanatic
full command

28 night gobbos 157pts
1 fanatic
full command

20 gobbo archers 89pts
1 fanatic
(mage goes in this squad)

33 big 'uns 410pts
full command
spirit totem
(banner goes in this squad)

7 spider riders 121pts

6 spider riders 108 pts

19 black orcs 259pts
full command
banner of butchery
(grimgor joins this squad)

orc boar chariot 85pts
extra crew

2000 pts

Any comments appreciated c&c welcome.
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Default Re: Orc 2000pt list

It's good but there's a couple of changes I would make.
First, drop the smaller unit of Spider Riders and get as many more Fanatics as you can. Not too sure how many that is..
Second, move the Fanatic from the Night Gobbo Archers into one of the units with spears. They're best nearer the enemy units and that's not where you're Archers are going to be [I hope], it's where they wreak the most havoc. Also add any more Fanatics you get into the Night Goblin's with spears units but try and keep it balanced.

When you're deploying I would recommend placing the two main Night Goblin units in the front centre, the smaller with the Shaman, with the Big 'Uns and Black Orcs, accompanied by the Big Boss, either side. That way they can flank charge when the Night Gobbo's get into combat, which will prove to be pretty devastating for your opponent.
The Chariot should go at one side of the table while the Spider Riders go down the other as they're the fastest units in your army. The Chariot is a hard-hitting multi-wound unit which can quite happily charge into units of basic infantry. The Spider Riders are best charging units like Detachments or other weak opponents. If that's not always possible try and maouevre them into a good flanking position.
Obviously, the Night Gobbo Archers should simply hang back and hope they hit something.

Hope it helps .

Originally Posted by Minako
That may just be helped by massive boobs though, i'm female. I don't know how that shiz works...
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Default Re: Orc 2000pt list

Ty for the help, but I have to diagree about the fanatic in the archer squad, its there, because no one thinks it is, so when their 150pt fast cavalry squad comes hurtling round my flank and towards the archers, out pops mr.loony, and wham! thats their secret weapon gone. And the spiders are in those squads for a pincer move round the back or through difficult terrain, where the enemy has trouble going.
But i agree on the tactics.
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