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Starting orcs and goblins
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Default Starting orcs and goblins

For a while now i have been contemplating starting an orcs and goblins army, as all the armies i've had before were all elite armies, space marines, grey knights, chaos marines and hordes of chaos (as they were at that point).
I've wrote a 2000 pt list, but i don't know how accurate it is, as i dont have the codex, so i had to piece it together from all the different battle reports that are floating around in my white dwarfs. Its got 152 models in it :P , and it consists of a black orc warboss blister, battle for skull pass and the 100 mega force kinda thing (forgot what its called). My main oppenents will be warriors of chaos, and (in a few months) ogres.

Black orc warboss 254 pts
heavy armour
ironclaws waaagh! cleava

Orc big boss 122 pts
light armour
army battle standard
gorks waaagh! banner

orc big boss 115 pts
light armour
ulag's akrit axe

57 night goblins ~275 pts
full command
3 fanatics
hand weps

20 night goblin archers ~90
with full command

10 night goblin riders 160 pts
full command

10 night goblin riders 160pts
full command

38 orc big 'uns ~400 pts
full command

boar chariot 80 pts

20 black orcs 343 pts
full command
noggs banner of butchery

spear chukka 35 pts


So there it is, id be grateful for any comments, but please don't say i should get the codex, im getting it as soon as i have saved up enough cash.
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