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The Koel Guard. Wood Elf Fluff
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Default The Koel Guard. Wood Elf Fluff

The Ashglades, an area just north of the Glade of the Lost and east of the Hills of the Dead, at the foot of the Grey Mountains, known by the wood Elves as a place of dark magic and dark Spirits. The Glades are guarded by the Koel Guard, a small populous of Elves and Tree spirits of the area, Rarely seen outside of the Glades.

The Glades themselves hold secrets dating back to a time before The Sundering. Ruins of ancient settlements and Elven cities lay in the deep mists and artifacts, older than time itself remain dormant and untouched within old underground vaults. The Koel Guard have given their lives and skills to Protecting this Glade and itís hidden Treasures. Many have died protecting the Ruins from the likes of Dwarves, Dark Elves and the force of Chaos, all seeking to gain the power of the Glades.

The Glade is one that needs to be maintained, and have itís magic kept in check. Spell Casters are continuously tending to the Alter Stone that gives the Glades their shrouded magics and dark mists. A casters magic is often sought out in battle, singing to the trees themselves to help fight, Spellsingers and Weavers are some of the most powerful elves the galdes have at their side.

The power of the Glades fluctuates with the seasons. Just like any other area of Athel Loren. However the Alter Stone changes the colors of the surrounding forests, ever changing with the saesons. Leaves become deep shades of purple or bright yellow, wood becomes deep reds, grays and bone colors. The underbrush changes to sunken blues and greens. The effect this has on the forest leads many to believe it holds greater magics, magic that is sought after by forces who will use its powers for nothing but evil or chaotic rituals. The stone is also said to be the source of the black mists that engulf the Ash Glades.

The Alter Kindred Lord Kealdeth, mightiest and oldest of the Koel Guard, is only ever seen when the glades are under massive threat or the Koel Guard are called upon to strike in distant lands. His Skills with a bow are beyond that of most other Elves and his ability to confuse his enemy is renowned as a gift given to him by Ariel herself.
The great Treeman Nemusívir is the tender of the Glades, as old as the trees themselves; Nemusívir is a powerful and revered Forest Spirit. His aid in battle is much sought after, often given and greatly appreciated. The Glades seem to speak to him in tongues, and bend to his wills freely attacking foes and those stupid enough to enter the ancient forests with hostile intent.

ĎThe Sparrow Watcherí, a Waywatcher of Noble birth, and one of the few nobles to stay with the guard, is the greatest of the Waywatchers who form the Koel Guardís elite scouts. His skill with multiple shots is phenomenal, and is often seen on the battle field firing upwards of 18 arrows from his bow in one go. After he has made his hit he melds back into the mists to fight another day.

Another of the few nobles to have stayed with the Koel Guard is one of the Wild Rider Kindred, Torva Veho. He and his personal unit of riders are often seen charging the flanks of the enemy, or supporting those less skilled in combat when the enemy closes in.

In a Continuous State of war, Nobles from the surrounding areas come to lead the Koel Guard in battle, each Noble only staying to command for several years, they move on, either to fight within the Armies of Athel Loren or into the spirit world, having been killed in battle.

For the Koel Guard to be slain on the field of battle in defence of the Ashglades is an honor, an honor that many strive to acheive. They say that to die within the Ashglades allows your spirit to make its own choices. Many becoming forest spirits themselves, others ascending to the seats of the Consort King and his queen, to bolster their power, others yet reincarnating themselves to fight once more.

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