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Huanchi Lizardmen
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Huanchi Lizardmen

I've recently decided to start a Warhammer Fantasy army after playing 40k for a little over a year.

I decided to pick an army whose theme excited me as that is how I finally got into 40k after years of prodding from my partner. It did not take me incredibly long to decide on tge Lizardmen for their heavy Aztec theme and imagery (they have to have the coolest looking battle standard in the game). What's more is that after I discovered the Chapter Approved ruling on how to play an entire Lizardmen Army spawned with the mark of a specific god I decided that I really wanted to maje a Huanchi army with considerable jaguar imagery on the converted models.

I am aware that the Huanchi Blessed Spawning is not nearly as play-viable as others such as Sotek, Quetzl, or Tepok. However, this is the theme I want to go with. Now, my question to those of you who are seasoned Lizardmen players is how would I go about constructing this army in the best possible way either to take the most advantage of the Huanchi blessing and the various Jaguar-related magic items, or else to make up for the fact that my choice of Blessed Spawning is not comparable to anothers in most respects?

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Huanchi Lizardmen

Hey OPorKauyon,

I have to say this is very brave. As you said before the Huanchi spawning isn't very viable for a strong Lizard build. Mainly because Characters must take the spawning, even though it has no effect on them if they are not in a unit!

The lore of shadows however could come into play with a Jag Saurus. for example, you could keep your Oldblood/Scar in a unit of Saurus, Steed of Shadows him 20" and then has an 18" charge next turn, that's alot of distance for 2 turns! And it keeps in with the Jaguar theme.

The thing is, only Saurus and Characters can take this mark (there is no option for skinks to take it) meaning if you want to go with the Jaguar theme, you would have to take alot of saurus, but it's an ideal way to save points in the army by taking other units like skinks as they are not required to take the mark as they are in other spawning lists.

I find I quite difficult to come up with a list idea, apart from the one suggestion above (but that does leave the character on his own for a turn...)

Like I said your very brave, I just don't know if you can make it work, which is a shame...
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