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fist high elf list - 2k
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Default fist high elf list - 2k

EDIT- Just noticed i mis-spelt the thread title :-[ could a mod change it to "First high elf list" for me :funny: -EDIT

EDIT2- noticed that i diddnt pay for shields on the silver helms, modified the list to include them -EDIT2

well, i'm sure JD has gotten bored of me picking at his wood elves list, so i thought i would throw my high elves into the fray.

i am not looking to annihilate my opponents, i want a fun balanced game, so with that in mind, what does everyone think:

the models i have at the moment are the battallion set, an extra unit of silver helms and the 2 mages box.

this is the list i am thinking about:

Lord (General) - Archmage - 360pts
- Lv 4 Mage
- Book Of Hoeth (any double to cast counts as irresistable force)

Hero - Mage - 175pts
- Lv 2 Mage
- (enchanted Item) Skiensilver (SP? - +1 to see who goes first)
- (arcane item) cant remember what it does for the life of me, but 15pts

Hero - Mage - 181pts
- Lv 2 Mage
- (enchanted Item) Ring of Fury (bound Lv 3, casts fury of Khaine)
- (arcane Item) Silver Wand (knows one more spell than usual)
- Elven Steed

Hero - Noble - 133pts
- Reaver Bow (3 Str 5 shots, longbow, does NOT count as multi-shotting)
- Great Weapon

Core - 24 Spearmen - 266pts
- Full Command
- (magic banner) Banner of Arcane Protection (unit is Magic Resistance 2)

Core - 10 Archers - 110pts

Core - 10 Archers - 110pts

Special - 8 Silver Helms - 208pts
- Full Command
- Shields

Special - 8 Silver Helms - 208pts
- Full Command
- Shields

Rare - Repeater Bolt Thrower - 100pts

Rare - Repeater Bolt Thrower - 100pts

Total - 1999pts

Power Dice - 10
Dispel Dice - 6 plus one scroll

The Archmage sits in the spearmen unit with a cosy MR2 to stop any magic taking him down and a potential 15 str 3 ASF attacks to ward off any light infantry assaulting them.

the noble will join an archer unit, as will a mage. the mounted mage will join a unit of silver helms.

My Thoughts:

1) i dont have the book on me but i think the Noble is under-pointed. i will drop the great weapon for a halberd or something if that is the case.

2) i would have preffered having the book of hoeth on the mounted mage but i am a WYSIWYG nut and one of the other mages has a book in his hand :

3) i dont like the fact that i dont have any fast moving flanking units (fast cavalry/skirmishers). i have a game against orks and goblins with this army on friday and i'll see how much of a problem it is (i cant afford to get much more for the army....)

4) if an opponent manages to halt my magic, i dont have that much to fall back on (though i do have a powerfull magic phase).

5) eventually i think i will swap out the archmage for a prince and try to squeeze some dragon princes into the list as well.

anyway - what do you think 8)
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