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New Dark Elf player, with a theme in mind.
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Default New Dark Elf player, with a theme in mind.

After much deliberation, I went to the Dark Elves as my new Fantasy army.
The theme I have for the army is a corsair-heavy pirate/raiding party, with eventually building a terrain piece that resembles a slaving ship.
I went out today, bought the army book, 2 boxes of Corsairs, one box of Warriors, and a temporary dreadlord/master in the form of an Executioner command blister.
Being a raiding/slaving force, I don't think that Witch Elves and many mounted models would be fitting. However, I probably will get a unit or two of Cold One cavalry, because the new lizards look amazing.
If anyone else has any suggestions on what to get next, I'd appreciate that, and I'll be writing up lists shortly.
For Naggaroth!
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Default Re: New Dark Elf player, with a theme in mind.

I would skip the Cold ones for Dark Riders and Repeater bolt thrower.'

I don't have the new Army Book yet, so I don't know if they are any good.
The just fits better then cold ones to the army theme
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