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What army?
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Default What army?

I have been playing Eldar and Marines, And I am about to start playing Fantasy. If there any army that plays like the eldar in Famtasy? I have been looking at the lizardmen, and High Elves.

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Default Re: What army?

ok. personally id go with the elves(who woulda guessed ) they have great calvery and bowmen. and there magic i awsome too.
unfortunatly i dont know too much about lizardmen to help you on that one.
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Default Re: What army?

the lizardmen have real strong core infantry units and VERY hard hitting calvalry, although their shooting is fairly weak and they tend to have a small number of models on the table you can make a very solid force. oh and their magic is awesome
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Default Re: What army?

The lizardmen are more like marines, tough, dependable, expensive in pts...

Any elven race will kind of match the eldar style of play; delicate, tricksy, cool abilities, good magic...

Hope it helps, and hope you choose the wood elves! (but if you do, wait for the new army book to be released)
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Default Re: What army?

Lizardmen rock! but to get the good magic you need a slan mage priest, which are big. You also HAVE to take the temple guard wich limits what you can have in your army
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