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Chaos army list using WD 342
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Default Chaos army list using WD 342

This is an army list that i made up a while ago. I am thinking of starting up Chaos and this is a list I made up to be very fast and still have a punch to it.
Please be as mean as you want on this list and the only reason I dont have a mage is because i play against dwarfs quite alot and he likes to make a lot of dispel dice.

Warriors of chaos 2000pts


Lord of chaos
Barded steed
Rune sword
Armour of damnation
Enchanted shiled

This guy is going to be the unit smasher taking down ranks of people in combat. He will work in conjunction with the Exalted champoin in the chariot.

Exalted Champion
Filth mace
Enchanted shield

This champ will be in the unit of warriors to pack alot of punch and to be a character killer.

Exalted champion
Demon sword

This guy will work in conjunction with the lord to break enemy units with impact hits and attacks.


20 warriors of chaos.

This will be a power house unit that will anihalte the enemy with hits and fear. The character inside the unit is going to also help with this goal.

20 Maruders of chaos

This is going to be a meat shield protectig my main units and if they get to the enemy the will try to grind him down.

20 Maruders of chaos

Same reason as above.

10 Marauders of chaos

These will be a flanking unit that will try and annoy the enemys units.

5 chaos hound

They will be a flanking unit to add to combat rez.

5 chaos hounds

Same reasons as above.


4 chariots of chaos

(they work as inderviduel units but to save space they will be put together.
This will work as two of them as a team to shatter enemy units.


2 chaos spawn

I felt like putting these in here as i wanted him to be scared on what they can do.

Comments and suggestoins are very welcome.
PLease fight my guy please as he is
Please click on him to level him up.

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