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Naga-like Dark elves...
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Default Naga-like Dark elves...

Is it me or do the latest round of dark elves push the sea-squid quite a lot?
Originally Posted by Ineluki
Has anyone seen this guy already? The name is Lokhir.


Impressive, no?

Or the new corsiars, I've seen pictures, but this one is the clearest so far:

Seems like the new champion has a squid for a helmet and the corsairs have a squid for a standard, and some of their helmets seem positively sea-urchin like to me.

Which begs the question - has anyone seen a Naga conversion of dark elves? and does anyone think it would work?

Originally Posted by Doctor Wu
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Default Re: Naga-like Dark elves...

Hmm, it might work, wouldn't hurt to try and find out.

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Default Re: Naga-like Dark elves...

Naga as in mythology? or is this from a game or something?

If you mean from the mythological Naga, I think that the fact that in India Naga are seen as an opponent to an eagle-ish Garuda would make it very fitting with them as the enemy of High Elves. Who are very into their eagle imagery.

Thats all more serpent than sea squid though.
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Default Re: Naga-like Dark elves...

Yea, I always thought Naga was more of a snake thing..... Still, the two examples only apply to corsairs though. They're sea-faring warriors so it's understandable that they'd take up a sea-monster as their totem. I just would have expected it to be more of a sea dragon...
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Default Re: Naga-like Dark elves...

Naga and naga-ina are both snakes.
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