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Starting Vampire counts
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Default Starting Vampire counts

Like the title says, I'm starting vampire counts, and I want to know what you guys think I should get. I want to spend around $300, I may go as high as $350.
So far I know I want the battle force and the codex, and I wish they had a 25th anniversary set...

As far as HQ I was thinking of getting the Von Carstein on foot and mounted set and the Lahmian vampire on foot and mounted set, and using them as counts as necromancers if I want to use them. I may get the Blood Dragon on foot and mounted instead of the Von Carstein set.

For Special I was thinking a set of Grave Gaurd or 2 sets of spirit hosts (If they can only be harmed by magic weapons, Im thinking maybe them, even though I don't like the models as much.)

For Rare I really want the box of Blood Knights, but at $75 I'm not sure.... I also want a Varghulf and if I don't get the Blood Knights, then maybe 5 Wraiths.

I'm also unsure if I should buy any more troop choices, and what I should get if I do.

I hope you guys can help me make up my mind, and thank you in advance.

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Default Re: Starting Vampire counts

If price is an issue get Wraiths, they are a great unit and not too expensive to buy.

For Spirit Hosts I would buy an Empire Militia Box Set and just paint them up like Ghosts, you will be able to make 5 spirit hosts bases from that and they will look far better.
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