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3k point Beast List
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Default 3k point Beast List

Ok, I'm getting some money and I'm going to buy 2 dragon ogres, and 1 minotaur, and a box of herd. With some proxying I'm able to come up with 3k, what do you think of this list? And no I don't think I can have any more magic in here.

Lords: Beastlord w/ Great Fang, Enchanted Shield, Chaos Armour, Crown of Horns, MoN- 245

Great Bray Shaman w/ lvl4, Talisman Protection, Biting Blade, Dispel scroll x2, Power stone, Tuskgor Chariot- 400

Hero: Wargor w/ BsB, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Pelt of the Dark young, Scimitar of Skultar, MoN- 179

Core: Beast Herd w/ 15 Gor, 11 Ungor, 2 ccw, Spear & Shield, FC- 203

Beast Herd w/ 8 Gor, 7 ungor, 2 ccw, spear & Shield, FC- 126

Beast Herd w/ 12 Gor, 5 Ungor, Ccw & Shield, Spears & Shield, FC- 144

Tuskgor Chariot - 85

Tuskgor Chariot - 85

Pestigors w/ 13 Pestigors, MoN, FC- 236

Centigors w/ 5 Centigors, Shield, FC- 130

Warhounds of Chaos w/ 5 hounds - 30

Special: Minotaurs w/ MoN, GW, LA, FC, 5 Minotaurs- 290

Rare: Dragon Ogres w/ 4 Dragon Ogres, GW, LA- 316

Chaos Giant w/ Mutant Monstrosity- 225

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth w/ Gw, LA, 306


on the dot.

so what do you think of this list? It will most likely be fighting either tomb kings or brettonians.
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