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Armybook idea: Estalia.
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Default Armybook idea: Estalia.

Buenos dias amigos. Today's subject of interest is a land to the south of Bretonnia, yet Old World in nature, of conspirators and duellists, explorers and inquisitors. The land of Estalia. This is a heavy draft, so changes are more than welcome.

Estalia is among the few human nations to never experience a major Chaos invasion from the North, yet not all is peaceful. Feudal lords conspire against each other, all while claiming unity against the advancing armies of the Araby Sultan Jaffar. Their homeland is a battleground for Crusader and Arab, human and Skaven.

Although unification of Estalia still has a long way to go, the northern states have developed into an increasingly professional fighting force, their feudal recruitment system integrated with state-provided training to form an increasingly effective infantry-force. Like Bretonnia, there is a strong feudal system in place, yet so long as a commoner can afford a horse and prove his valour in battle, he may be considered a commoner knight, with the military niche if not the prestige of his noble counterparts; these commoners provide a unique cavalry core for the King. Their pride and joy lies in their Tercio Square, a mixed unit of crossbowmen and Pikemen that provides a unique mix of firepower and survivability, supported by faster lighter infantry. With the exception of the Knights of the Blazing Sun, most of their cavalry falls under light or medium classification.

The main deity of Estalia is Myrmida, a disciplined goddess of War widely followed in the former Reman empire; historically western Estalia was Reme's hardest fought conquest as their hero Viriathus managed to defeat the Remans in combat in every battle but one; nevertheless the old land of Lusitania would remain until he disappeared; with Reman conquest came worship of Myrmida. A patron of the arts, as well as of the spear, her practictioners can call upon her to improve efficient command of their forces. The blending of Estalian and Arabian culture means there are more than a few urban sorcerers capable of lending their arcane support.

Army layout:



Tercio Square


Knights of the Blazing Sun

Magic Items:

Magic Armour

Arcane Items


Enchanted Items:
Crimson Shade
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Default Re: Armybook idea: Estalia.

Well, let's consider their closest neighbour, Tilea:

Tilean armies consist primarily of Pikemen. Their main source of ranged support are Crossbowmen. Cavalry, Light or Heavy, are Special, with Light Cannon being Rare.

On that note, I would consider working on a similar basis; long spear and pikes being the weapon of choice.

Estalia is known for its pirates, so maybe having some sort of Buccaneer skirmisher unit?
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Default Re: Armybook idea: Estalia.

That seems a bit too much like Dogs of War though (light/heavy cavalry/duellists). The idea of this is to make an army that's distinctly Estalian as their IRL predecessor had a very distinct military culture due to the cultural crosspollination between Carthaginian/ Roman/ Greek/ Gallic/ Visigothic/ Arab, and ultimately became something else. The same happens in their fantasy equivalent, with Tilean/Arabian/Imperial/Bretonnian influence.

In particular, their use of cavalry skirmishers made Spain unique among early Western European armies. They would harass their foes with javelins to disrupt an enemy before falling back. In Catalonia, mercenary companies formed which began to readopt the old Celtiberian Scutarii tactics of fighting with javelin, sword, and large shield. The Balearic Isles would remain renowned for the quality of their slingers throughout the ancient and medieval world. This is part of the military legacy I would like to see in Estalia.

Of couse, there's the mix of the legendary aspects as well, with heroes like Viriathus and El Cid, or even just seeing more of the established Warhammer background on Estalia expanded, by giving them a Warrior-Priestess of Myrmida (have her in an Athena-like dress, with sword, shield, and hoplite helmet :P). The Crimson shade I put in on account of the Mordheim rulebook saying it grows from Estalian oak.
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Default Re: Armybook idea: Estalia.

This isn't real world Spain though. Estalian armies are VERY much like Tilean armies. Dogs of War lists represent them just great. You even have your Tercio Square in the form of Pirazzos Los Legion, who wear Estalian style Armour anyway. The only difference is that Estalians are known also for their Handgunners but they could easily be represented by Crossbowmen, the extra range = their extra skill but the lack of AP = less advanced weaponry.

Is their an Inquisistion in Estalia in Fantasy and is it really a big force?. I haven't read much of the RP books but Ive not really heard anything about it. Doesn't really make much sense with them worshipping more than one god anyway.

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