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Expanding dwarfs
Closed Thread
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Default Expanding dwarfs

I have recently nought some dwarfs and was wondering what to buy next for them. i currently have; two thanes, an organ gun, two bolt throwers, a cannon, 28 warriors, 26 thunderes, a dragon slayer, a master engineer,8 miners and 5 slayers. I only have 25 to spend on them and i am not going to use them in large games. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
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Default Re: Expanding dwarfs

You could invest in some special units like hammers etc.

You can get a squad of 10 Including full command for 24 which is in your budget


Bulk you army out with more Warriors/Longbeards which is 16 models for 18 and have 7 left over To save for new units :P
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Default Re: Expanding dwarfs

You already have a thread on your Dwarfs talking about expanding them, to save cluttering the main page up. Just continue the discussion in that one and I'll lock this one.
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