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hordes of chaos army list, how should i use against ogres
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Default hordes of chaos army list, how should i use against ogres

im trying to work out the best approach to fighting ogres with this army, but so far, ive found that i always get broken in combat after my charge bonus is lost, so id be grateful for any help.

chaos lord 650 pts
mark of khorne
chaos dragon
armour of damnation

sorcerer 185 pts
daemonic mount
golden eye of tzeentch
lvl 2 wizard
mark of tzeentch

sorcerer 125 pts
2 dispel scrolls

sorcerer of chaos 150 pts
mark of tzeentch
2 dispel scrolls

12 chosen warriors of chaos 313 pts
12 chosen
10 great weapons
1 shield
banner of wrath
mark of tzeentch

10 warriors of chaos 250 pts
10 extra close combat weapons
mark of tzeentch

16 marauders 158 pts
16 light armour
16 great weps

hellcannon 280 pts

total: 1993 pts

just redone it, it now has 3 sorcerers and 16 more models, and a dragon mounted lord of khorne instead of egrimm

alilamyman: ty, as you may see from the changed list, im using your advice, so far ive played one game against them and my lord lacerated 15 ogres, he ended up with 40 wounds =)

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Default Re: hordes of chaos army list, how should i use against ogres

This army is no longer legal as it contains a special charcater that is not legal. Also what i find against ogres is that they have a low amount of magic in thier armies so use this against them by taking 3 mages with heavnes and fire spells. besides that it is a good list
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