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Hail Hashut: A Chaos Dwarf Tactica
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Default Hail Hashut: A Chaos Dwarf Tactica

[Note: It may be late, but now that schools' out, I may be able to finish Da Ork Taktiks too. ;D ]

Hail Hashut! So you've decided to play the army with the silliest hats and the most unique army background? Welcome to Zharr-Naggrund brother. Mead? You'll find Grabit to be a most efficient slave, for a hobgoblin that is. No drink then? So you want to get to business then? Good. Well, you'll meet your lord sooner or later, but until then I shall do what I can to acquaint yourself with your upcoming duties.

First though, you must know how we fight, and why we fight. The silk-garbed Cathayans, the brutish Ogres, the scampering Goblins and subsentient Orks, and those pathetic Manlings that eke an existence to the North, they all fight for land or wealth, such is their poorness. Why, the mines here have more wealth then they will possibly ever imagine! We need slaves for the mines though, for the breweries, for making the hearth of dwarves like you and me worth living in, and that's why we fight. The Hobgoblins may seem like sneaks, but for now they're our sneaks so you'll be ordering a lot of them to their deaths, yet they seem not fazed by it. Occasionally though, we'll trade with them, providing some of our shoddier of inventions in exchange for fresh labor; the Ogres in particular seem fond of our defective cannons. Nevertheless, we fight to incapacitate, which means we fight not to destroy but to distract, disorient, demoralize, and defeat. We have not the heavy Cavalry of our Chaos neighbors, the brutish infantry of our Orcish prey, yet their lives are our playthings

The master of this domain is busy with some new experimentation, something about a cannon that eats stuff...Sorcerers, they are our lifeblood. But tomorrow he'll take my role in explaining troops. For now, I shall deign to explain your role to him. He is your king, he is your liege. You are his vassal. Serve him, protect him, and you will be rewarded. Fail him and learn how flammable that beard of yours is. He may look like a stiff, and he is which is why you should do your best to convince him not to have delusions of grandeur, and keep bribing the hobgoblins to pour laxative into his pet Lammasu. He's much safer behind a shield wall of his own retainers, and the hobgoblins are replacable after all...

...don't think he's defenseless though. His magic allows him the luxury of incinerating armies, sabotaging their warmachines, or conjuring the spirits of the deceased. It is the shadowlords that are to be most feared, however, on account of their mind tricks. Whether it's sucking in enemies into the abyss, or making even the puniest hobgoblin a terror to behold, the shadowmancer is generally the one whom is most adept at the Chaos Dwarven way of warfare. Remember to tell him not to wander on his own, and your master will be safe.

There are others you must follow though. There are other lords, some whom don't use magic but either are adept warriors, or have been blessed by Hashut. Those blessed will gain the body of a bull-centaur, and find themselves capable of assisting cavalry in daring charges, and inflicting frightening casualties; one wielding a great weapon cleft a chariot in two, such was his prowess. Those not blessed are still formidable warriors, and the only ones capable of mastering the most divine of Hashut's minions, the Bull Taurus. The Taurus is an easy creature to appease with sacrifices, and will loyally allow its master to direct it upon enemies, bellowing hot flames upon their hapless forms. Such a sight is truely awe-inspiring to behold.
Anyway, my wife plays Slaanesh so I HAVE to play Khorne-bebe
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Default Re: Hail Hashut: A Chaos Dwarf Tactica

excellent story, but i don't actually think that it is a tactica
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