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First WHFB list : 1000pt lizardmen
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Kroot Warrior
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Default First WHFB list : 1000pt lizardmen

As the title says, this is my first list for both WHFB and lizardmen. I don't fully know the mechanics of the game but based the list on what i do know and my experiences in 40k.

Hero: Saurus Scar-vet (134)
great weapon
light armor
Itzl, Quetzl

20 Saurus (270)
full command

20 saurus (270)
full comand

12 skinks (72)

12 skinks (72)


3 kroxigores (174)

total points: 992
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Default Re: First WHFB list : 1000pt lizardmen

Yay, you decided and you posted for once this month :
now I know what my brets need to kill...
you can't get like a 5pt option somewhere to close the gap some?
Since I know about as much as you at this point, what help am I...
Originally Posted by Gareth
Clip_II you're my hero. You get my respect and admiration. ;D
Originally Posted by Lord Solar
Originally Posted by Clip_II
PK nobs, Big Choppa bike boss, and Flash Gits!(oh wait that wasn't a tank, it was flying...) ;D
Shut it...
I love Flash Gits
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Default Re: First WHFB list : 1000pt lizardmen

What happened to, "all skinks" as the basis of your army? It seems OK... lots of core... I personally like more specials.

-By Timjim
Originally Posted by Lord-General Thunder
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Default Re: First WHFB list : 1000pt lizardmen

Its not 40k, 1k game is SMALL. So with this in mind the following comments ->

- Get anti-magic. Priest lvl1 with diadem costs 100 points = 3 dispel dice with him having total of 5 DD is enough for a 1k.
- GW is useless while mounted. Either get of the cold one and get Jaguar charm and aura of quetzl(ward) or take some magic weapon like burning blade or sword of might+ward combo.

- In 1k its too many saurus and I play VERY saurus heavy. Drop one block.
- get 1-2 (better 2) units of 10-13 skinks with javs& sheilds to screen & redirect. BTW Read the rules for screemishers and F.A.Q. on scrimmishers and you'll know why skinks worth their points in gold.

- Keep Kroxigors.
- get 7 Chameleons or 3 Terradons or even both.

- I'd get 1-2 salamnder packs.

Otherwise, hopefully you'll stick with saurus heavy builds as thats the REAl Lizardmen way ;D
Hope I helped.

Walk tall everyone!!!!!

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: First WHFB list : 1000pt lizardmen

thanks for the advice red dog. this list was centered around a large amount of saurus but i can see how this many saurus with not much else can he its downfalls... I'm pretty sure that if i get rid of one of the blocks and a skink from one of the squads i can get 10 cameleins + stalker, 3 terradons, and replace the scar-vet's great weapon with the burning blade of chotek and a shield

the reason why i didn't include much magic resistance is that i know for a fact that the 2 people ill be playing most at this level have no intention of using any magic. and if i ever do need some i can always replace the terradons for the skink with diadem you mentioned
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