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Empire Wizard Question
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Default Empire Wizard Question

Hey, I have a buddy who is starting Empire. He got a box of the Wizards but doesn't have the army book. However, he wants to assemble them so that they will be effective. Can anyone let me know what you guys think the best/most useful lores of magic are? Equipment?

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Default Re: Empire Wizard Question

Lore of Heavens. Without question, this is the best Lore around. With multiple spells that either have unlimited range, no Line of Sight required or both, the Lore of Heavens is guaranteed to rock your world... or at least drop several tons of Star Iron onto it!
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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Default Re: Empire Wizard Question

Wargamer's right, but first I'd like to know what other armies will he be playing against?

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Default Re: Empire Wizard Question

Originally Posted by Wargamer
Lore of Heavens. Without question, this is the best Lore around. With multiple spells that either have unlimited range, no Line of Sight required or both, the Lore of Heavens is guaranteed to rock your world... or at least drop several tons of Star Iron onto it!
Almost completely disagree.

While that lore is a good lore, its certainty not the best as there is simply NO best lores. Why would even want to predetermine the lore of wizard?

Magic in armies that can choose lore have LEGAL tailoring which I will only support. You can choose lore according to the opponent! Which is a GREAT way to get an advantage. U can also choose magic depending on terrain. In other words one of magic's greatest advantages in many games in FLEXIBILITY.

He runs lots of armored unit -> metal, heaven, and may be life.
Lots of skirmishers -> magic missiles and lore of fire.
You faced undead -> light (immune to psych and missiles) & shadow (pit, cause fear yourself and etc.)
You have an army that needs to move fast -> shadow and beats.

And so on. You can model wizards as you like, but never choose a lore. Make a decision every game. Think which lores will best fit the situation.
***This is one of the biggest reason I ever consider magic heavy army***

On equipment, I'm not so sure, mounted (on horse) is usually good for mobility. Other then that -> You can get Lvl4 lvl2 and lvl1 caddy.
On lvl1 caddy -> rod of power (for dispel dice), scrolls.
On lvl2s -> rod of power, scrolls, power stones.
On Lvl4 -> Gray wand, power stones scrolls.

From other items... I don't know. I prefer not to spent lot for access gear.

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Default Re: Empire Wizard Question

Overall, Empire Wizards are among the lower tier of wizards compared with more magic-intensive armies like Vampire Counts, Lizardmen, or Elves of any make. Light is useful as mentioned but will be used somewhat less if one takes a Popemobile (which has the nice bound Light magic on it). This said, Shadow is one of the most effective lores for Empire in terms of raw versatility.

-Need to get your footslogging disposable captain out of a tight fix? Steed of Shadows. Want to catapult the captain into a warmachine crew? Steed of Shadows. Was your wizard charged in melee last turn? Use Steed of Shadows. General needs to be elsewhere to provide leadership? You got it. This is a rather useful spell, provided you keep your commanders aroudn the Wizard.
-Creeping Death is good for taking out heavily armored cavalry, or single characters. It is low difficulty and pumps out enough dice that the spell can also be used for assassinating in a pinch.
-Crown of Taidron is a tricky spell, but in the right hands is very deadly. Assuming the player is up against lots of small skirmish-type units, by positioning the wizard in a proper manner he'll be able to inflict lots of damage. March 8", cast the spell, then use Steed of Shadows for a propa getaway. :P
-Shades of Death is the real reason to take this Lore. The ability to bestow Fear on a unit is really useful, especially as Empire is so dependent upon combat resolution for winning. Cast the spell on a Swordsman block, supported by smaller swordsman detachment. If you're lucky, the enemy will only hit on a 6. Even if you're not lucky, you should be able to absorb losses, have enough ranks to get a large rank bonus, and negate HIS rank bonus. Fear forces autoflee, hopefully into your own units.
-Unseen Lurker is a nice versatile spell, the ability to essentially give a second move to a unit making it that much more likely you'll get the charge. To a lesser extent, it allows your bowmen to be even nastier at harassing units.
-Pit of Shades is a potentially very scary spell. Target priority is a must with it. Go for as many multiwound/low initiative models as possible. The high difficulty, and potential for the spell to instakill anything that rolls bad enough means it also is useful for drawing out dispel dice. The moment you instakill that War Hydra (with wounds 6, initiative 2), the moment that spell will be recognized as one to fear.

Creeping Death is beautiful for assassinating enemy unit
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Default Re: Empire Wizard Question

I think Heavens is the worst lore in the game this edition. It was better last edition. As has been said, just build them how you like them as you can choose your lore. Im very fond of the Fire lore though and the look of fire wizards.
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