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The Evadian Military [Homebrew force background]
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Default The Evadian Military [Homebrew force background]

Suffice to say, I found some half-completed reworkings of my Evadians, and figured it was a good excuse to go back to them!

The Evadians are a militarised nation, found beyond the Old World in the wastelands to the east. Their Kingdom lies on a cold, yet fertile plain south of the barren lands where the Hobgobla-khan and Chaos Dwarfs prey, and north of the great Realm of The Dead.

Since its birth, Evadia has known war. Evadia is both more and less a nation than the Empire; where the Realm of Sigmar is a single culture divided by politics, Evadia is a land of many cultures united by war. From the steadfast Tabberriek to the covert Essenmen, Evadia's armies contain a wide mix of peoples, all of which contribute their talents in war.

Though the Evadians are sometimes said to be Orcs in Men's flesh (though never within earshot), it would be foolish to mistake their bloodlust for blind rage; the Evadians have tempered their ferocity into a weapon more deadly than any sword. An Evadian soldier is more than a match for any Man, and there are few within the Empire who could match them in single combat. Thus, where State Troops of the Empire are drilled to fight as one, the Evadians focus on single prowess first, teaching their warriors how to battle the foe alone, yet still go to war as a cohesive unit.

The core of the Evadian army is comprised of three elements; the Shieldsmen, the Armsmen, and the Wardsmen. Shieldsmen are able bodied warriors recruited in times of need, and their battle tactics focus on defensive actions. The Armsmen, by contrast, actively seek battle, and so are equipped for attack. Wardsmen provide a solid core for the other soldiers; battle hardened fighters that anchor the army.

When battle lines are formed, the Evadians form their army into a solid block. The Shieldsmen will deploy to the front, equipped with spears and pikes. These men will take the brunt of the enemy assault. Once combat has been joined, the second rank, the Armsmen, will storm forwards and smash through the enemy ranks whilst the Shieldsmen withdraw. The Evadian army will slowly pull back its line, providing a second strongpoint for the Armsmen to retreat to should the battle fare poorly. The Wardsmen remain on the third line; they do not join battle unless all else is lost.

Around this core of infantry, the rest of the Evadian military forms itself. Ranged support comes primarily from crossbow regiments, though archers and handgunners may also be found within an Evadian army. Cavalry is uncommon, but when used they will typically form part of the third line, seeking to flank and ride down the enemy once the infantry have broken them. Traditionally, the Evadian armies used catapults and bolt throwers, but through trade and theft the Evadians have obtained many Cannon, and their skill at producing such weapons has grown to the point where they use them regularly.

Despite their offensive nature, much of Evadia's military doctrine focusses on defence; their battle tactics are to pepper the foe with long range fire and halt the charge on a wall of steel. It is only then that they will begin to push back. When offensive actions are needed, the Evadians vary their tactics significantly; the Armsmen are grouped into two ranks and will storm the enemy, the first wave pulling back as the second attacks in order to maintain a fresh fighting rank. The Shieldsmen and Wardsmen form a two-rank "base" away from the combat, ensuring the Armsmen will have a safe position to retreat to. This also protects archers and war machines from enemy attacks from the rear. This secondary force will not commit until the day appears won, and then only to asssist mopping up the survivors.

There are several unusual elements of the Evadian military that fall outside their standard organisation. These are discussed in greater detail below:

Whiteshields are young Evadian warriors who have not yet come of age. They go to battle to prove their valour, and their ferocity and lust for glory more than make up for any inexperience they possess. Whiteshields are normally found within the centre of the Armsmen formations. The more experienced warriors will protect their flanks and rear, anchoring them and helping to shield them from undue harm. When it is time for the Armsmen to commit, the Whiteshields will throw themselves into battle with relentless fury, hacking apart their foes. Being central in the battle, the progress of the young warriors can easily be monitored, and those that show the proper courage and dedication to battle (which will usually be anyone who doesn't die!) will be granted their Colours.
The term "Whiteshield" comes from the plain shields they carry into battle. Because they have not earned the right to bear their heraldry, their shield will be either painted white, or be unpainted.

In sharp contrast, the Tabberriek Guard are one of the most famous, or possibly infamous, bodies of fighting men in Evadia. Tabberriek are notoriously stubborn in battle, refusing to give ground even against suicidal odds. Their greatest warriors form the Castle Guard, and march to war whenever the Call to Arms is sounded. The Castle Guard carry titanic shields, broad-bladed bastard swords and wear the heaviest armour available. Their name refers not to Castle Tabberriek, but to their battle formation. When the enemy close upon them, the Tabberriek close ranks and lock shields, forming an unbreakable wall of steel that can endure the strongest of attacks. The first and second ranks will form a strong, solid face to deflect attack, whilst the third rank stabs through slits left between shields.
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Default Re: The Evadian Military [Homebrew force background]

Been hoping youd get back to this, looking forward to the rest.
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