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Starting daemons of chaos
Old 18 May 2008, 09:18   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Starting daemons of chaos

I'm very new to Warhammer only having the skull pass box for less than a month. i have played LoTr and 40k a bit so sort of know what im doing.
I saw the new daemons in this months WD and thought " What a great army, i really want to get these." I still need to get the army book but i should be getting that this week. I really love khorne and also like Tzeentch.
I wanted to have any army with a lot of attack, tough but could still back up with ranged attacks.
Out of looking on the online store at the models, i chose some models i would like to get.
Flesh Hounds.
Bloodchrushers .
Herald of Khorne.

From Tzeentch.

Greater Daemon.
pink and blue horrors.
Flamers of Tzeentch.

If any one would be able to tell what this sort of army would be good at and any other advice for a noobie that would be great.
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Default Re: Starting daemons of chaos

Fantasy isnt my specialty but khorne follows near principles of what 40k does. They hit hard, with a nice number of attacks, and have great magic resistance potential (a plus).

Tzeentch does have alot of potential for range.

but I can never agree with both in the same army so have fun.
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Default Re: Starting daemons of chaos

You've got the makings of a good army with those models, actually.

Your Bloodletters are going to form the main battle line, I'd say you ought to take at least a 2 units of 15 in under 2,000 points.

Horrors are your support - you'll want a Herald of Tzeentch also though, for two reasons. First reason is that a unit of Horrors on its own does not provide the kind of magical power that is really going to establish dominance in the magic phase - it's just not enough. Second is that if a Herald of Tzeentch is in a unit of Horrors, that unit gets a 4+ Ward Save (Ward Saves are a lot like invulnerable saves, you always get them at an unmodified level).

The Lord of Change is good, but you can't use it legally until you're playing at least a 2,000 point game.

Screamers and Flamers make good supports - Flamers shoot extremely well, and opponents are usually going to be very apprehensious about charging them. Screamers are good for basic harrassment, because they'll never be able to wipe a unit out on their own, but their slashing attacks rule makes them a real headache for opponents.

Skulltaker and the Herald of Khorne are both Hero choices. Skulltaker is a character-killer, nothing more and nothing less. He fills his role very admirably, and he's going to scare your opponent because they know if they've got a character in combat with him, that character is going to die. The Herald is best used in the unit of Bloodcrushers, which will be an extremely hard unit. These are Khorne's cavalry, and absolutely destroy anything that gets near them.

Your Flesh Hounds are made for acher- and warmachine-hunting. They're not quite strong enough to reliably take on block units (units of basic infantry that are 4-ranks or more), but against archers and the like they're more than strong enough to win combat and run them off the table.

Karanak is a Character Killer, like Skulltaker.

Hope that helps a little. You're looking at a Khorne-heavy army with a little Tzeentch, yes? In that case, at about 1,500 points you'll want probably 2 units of 15 Bloodletters, a unit of 10-20 Horrors (depends on if you want to be low-end or mid-range magic), a Herald of Tzeentch with Master of Sorcery (almost a must on Tzeentch Heralds), 2 Bloodcrushers with a Herald of Khorne on a Juggernaut, with the Armor of Khorne to give him a 0+ Armor Save (You always fail on a 1, but he's more resistant to armor-piercing and high-strength weapons), Skulltaker, and as many Flamers as you can fit in. What that gives you is an army that can reliably take on anyone in a Close Combat fight, while still holding its own in the Magic and Shooting phases. You'll have a few Dispel Dice along with Magic Resistance on your Khorne units (making them harder to target magic on), plus enough Power Dice to be able to hurt things just about every magic phase.

This is going to be a good starting army, except that you've got a lot of special rules to remember. Remember that your units will always have saves, no matter what they're hit with. Also, remember you never run - you take instability tests. You're Immune to Psychology (meaning you will never run from shooting, you never have to take fear/terror tests, and so on). Also, always remember you cause Fear. That means that when you charge an enemy they have to take a leadership test. If they fail and you outnumber them, they run away. If they fail and they outnumber you, they only hit you on 6's. Also, if an enemy charges you they take a leadership test. If the fail and you outnumber they don't get to charge that turn. If they fail and they outnumber then they'll only hit on 6's. Your army will win or lose because of Fear. Be wary of enemies that also cause fear, are immune to psychology, that cause terror, or are unbreakable as they'll cause trouble for you. So Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, Forest Spirit armies, and so on will be tough prey for you.

Good luck!
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Default Re: Starting daemons of chaos

6 flamers is 210 points well spent... they have NEVER let me down...

My flesh hounds are quite good at block infantry if you cause enough wounds. I usually lose a wound or 2 to combat res but small price to pay for killing a unit.

Skulltaker is good at his job when he works...I failed utterly to killing blow a Bretonnian lord the other day...

Horrors are really good as now they generate dice, so its another wizard in every way. Screamers are amazing and 3 for 90pts is worth it. They do attract first turn missile fire but even if they don't survive its given your army another turn to advance. The ability to slash multiple units and zig-zag is great too (especially again a Orc and goblin player who crushes his units together to quell animosity).

BTW find Karanak a bit useless... put him in your flesh hounds and people start shooting them alot.
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Default Re: Starting daemons of chaos

+ 1 for the advice Kaffl.

Flesh Hounds are not just Archer/WarMachine Hunters at all though.

Units of 6;

Against ranked infantry, you can always get the charge and should cause 6-7 Wounds, that is enough to beat almost any static Combat Res.

They are even great Knight Hunters seeing as though they are faster than Knights they can get the charge off on them and reliably kill 2-3 without suffering any losses in return. You then should have a higher unit strength too. Flesh Hounds should break most Knight units. They even give Blood Knights a good run for their money.

I think Screamers are too many points for what you get and Flamers are very vulneranle to assault and you dont get that much firepower for what you are paying for them. I do like Flamers though, but they just arent a super competative unit.

I find Heralds of Tzeentch on Burning Chariots to be AMAZING. The chariot is VERY cheap, it lets you get where you want to cast your spells. Its FLYING and it breaks ranks [!!!], you can easily float over an opponent, hit them in the rear and probably win combat even with the measly Tzeentch Herald because they wont be getting rank bonus.

Heres a 2000 Point list for you -

Lord of Change;
Twin Heads.

Herald of Tzeentch;
Master of Sorcery.

Herald of Tzeentch;


11 BloodLetters [Joined by Skulltaker];
Full Command.

19 Horrors [Joinedby Herald on foot];
Full Command.

10 Horrors;

6 Flesh Hounds;

Then you have a choice of 4 Flamers or 2 Bloodcrushers. Id choose the Bloodcrushers, you could then give the Herald on foot Flames of Tzeentch and use a Flamer Model for him.

This would give you of the models listed;

Greater Daemon,
pink and blue horrors,
Screamers [2 on the Burning Chariot],
Flamers of Tzeentch [ 1 as the Herald on foot],
Flesh Hounds,

So thats giving almost all the models that you want to use.

You will have an anchor unit of Horrors with good static combat res and a 4+ ward, then you will have a hammer in the BloodLetters with Skulltaker, these will hit unit in the flank after your main Horror unit has held them up. The other Horror unit can protect the other flank and re-direct enemy units.

You have agressive units in the Hounds and BloodCrushers who can take the fight to the enemy, + 2 Flyers who break ranks who can charge the enemy in the rear as one of these units charge them in the front for easy combat wins. Your Flyers also slow the enemy down so you have more time to Magic them.

You have 14 Powerdice with a very agressive lore of magic that should blast the enemy as the advance on your main battleline as you will get plenty of time to use your magic with your Flyers stopping the enemy from marching.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Starting daemons of chaos

Kaffl thanks a lot. Your advice is going to be incredibly helpful, also thanks a lot Arguleon, looking a both of these posts i can really get a structured army up and ready. i am also glad that the models I chose, and liked, are going to alright on the battlefield, It always helps if you like the models you use. I'm going to buy some of these things on the weekend, really looking forward to this. again thanks a lot all of you.
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