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1000pt Brettonia List
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Default 1000pt Brettonia List

Hi decided to write a Brettonia list seeing as i am getting back into WFB.This is based around what contents i have plus a few extra models and what battle experience i have.

Hero Units

Paladin w/ Knights Vow
Barbed Warhorse
Virtue of Noble Disdain 100pts

Cheap and nasty.Made this guy to hunt down lone enemy units or war machines.Also to pack a punch if with the Knights of the Realm.Never leave home without him

Paladin w/Battle Banner
Barbed Warhorse
Conquerors Tapestry 99pts

Usally put with a group of Knights of the realm i put this guy out with them to smash up weaker units first for easy Victory points due to Conquerors Tapestry and to flank harder hitting units

Damsel(Lvl 1) w/ Dispel Scroll 95pts

Meant to counter enemy spellcasters whilst helping other units.Usally with the Men at Arms

Core Units

8x Knights of the Realm w/ Full Command 214pts

Used to smash through weaker opponents and mostly used to destroy heavier units

22x Men-At-Arms w/ Full Command 140pts
Supported by the damsel mostly used to hold up flankers or to destroy weaker units.Spears used for two rank fighting for as much hits as possible.Sometimes helps win games

20x Bowmen w/Full Command
Light Armour 160pts

Sit back and let the arrows fly sums it up

Special Units

3x Pegasus Knights w/ Full Command 195pts

Used to stop flankers and take out enemy missile units


10 Calvary
3 Flyer's
43 Infantry

C&C welcome.
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Default Re: 1000pt Brettonia List

Looks like a very solid list - especially at this size game. You've got a solid core, some shooting.

Limited magic, but its a small game against anyone but mage heavy High Elves it'll be fine (I'm also a major magic fan)

Pegasus Knights are always a win - they will be very nasty in this, and a constant pain for the opponent.

Conquerer's Tapestry, IIRC is one of those win big or no effect standards - break an enemy unit or two, and you are laughing, but there's chance it might not perform to desired level. Still, when it pays off, you'll be fine.

The only criticism I've got is the command and armour on the bowmen - maybe its just my favoured way of playing, but I find it to be a waste of points to armour and command static fire unit.

Plus, with the points saved, you could probably grab another scroll or magic item for the damsel.

Don't get me wrong though - fantastic looking list.
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