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What next?
Old 17 May 2008, 11:54   #1 (permalink)
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Default What next?

Currently i have my Brettonia army sitting in a cupboard collecting dust.I have played one or two games of fantasy and still have the mini rule book. I was wondering what to get next to expand on my current force.
I have:

Banner Bearer(Horseback)
8 or so Knights of the realm
15 Men at arms(approx)
20 Archers(approx)
3 Pegasus knights
Also the codex :P

I was thinking another battalion then possibly moving on to some damsels and then either More knights(questing or grail) and maybe more Men at arms and some yeoman.Would this be a good expansion to my originanal force.any other suggestions are welcome
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Default Re: What next?

Depends what your looking for really, if you want an effective army you will need more Knights of the Realm and some Damsels first.

I'd leave Men at Arms.

Maybe get another Pegasus Knight.
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Default Re: What next?

Personally i would get two damsels to boost magic on your side, becaus eif you are playing an army such as Tzeench or High elevs, they will own this list with magic. Get another box of men at arms just to flesh out your army, then get some grail knights, as these are possibly some of the hardest calvary in the came.
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Default Re: What next?

i'd get grail knights, there second to only chaos knights (i think)
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Default Re: What next?

Originally Posted by mamba21500
I'd get grail knights, there second to only chaos knights (i think)
Grail Knights are second to NO ONE. They are still THE best knights in the game, bar none.

Faster(Biggest one!) then chaos and Blood Knights.
Have a 5+ ward
Have 18 S6 attacks on the charge with full rank bonuses
Not Frenzied

Enough said ^_^.

On the general note ->

Pick a strategy mate. Do you want a Village Idiot, regular knights MSU or Classical Hammer and Anvil?

The Village Idiot -> Not sure it is the "brets" way, but you got great knight, decent support and cheap and ok-ish foot troops. Read more here ->
If you go for that, You'll NEED pilgrims, and 30 men units of foot troops with small knights supporting them. Also might think of getting a trebuchet for support. You'll rely on flee/bait and holding ground and countercharging. Brets have a good LD so it would be solid.

MSU -> Most brets run that. In which case not foot troops (bar archers may be for some support) and get grail Knights for sure. Don't make "death star" units (bar may be grail knights and still) and use combined charges and choose your battles. And yes don't afraid to flee with almost everyone (but grail knights ^_^). Questing knights might be a good investment as they are "Grinders" aka, don't loose efficiency after turn one. and in lance with 18 S5 attacks every turn... I'd say why not? Though I wouldn't make 12 men... probably 9. With so many stubborn/unbreakable units around, they can help out a lot.

Classical Hammer Anvil -> Stubborn or big foot troops unit on one side, 2-3 units of knight on other sweeping the flank. Playing by the book? -> Sure, but it works. You can fancy it up with 2 hammers and anvil with hammers on both sides. ^_^

Hope this helps

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Default Re: What next?

I would get 2 boxes of Knights of the Realm, make one Realm knights, and one Errant knights. Also I would get 2 ladies.
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Default Re: What next?

Originally Posted by Grunt90
Also I would get 2 ladies.
Second that. But I do think he needs help with his Brett army, not his personal life :shifty:
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