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[BatRep Blog] Colonisation of Silverwood - Year 1
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Default [BatRep Blog] Colonisation of Silverwood - Year 1

Hey guys,

This thread/blog will be used to follow the progress of my Wood Elves as they defend the newly colonised kingdom of Silverwood from those that seek to taint the woods.

Game One - The Battle of the Crystal Grove

Early during the early spring a vast horde of Night Goblins rampaged down from the nearby mountain ranges and penetrated deep into the Crystal Grove in southern Silverwood. A hurried defence was assembled to meet the threat under the command of Kai'la the Swift. Drawing their battlelines deep in the centre of the Grove the Asrai tried to force the Night Goblins to become bottlenecked as they tried to traverse the terrain whilst the glade guardians poured volley after volley into the advancing greenskins. Alas despite downing numerous Goblins more took their places and eventually overwhelmed the Asrai lines. Signalling the withdrawal Kai'la marshalled her surviving forces and disappeared deep into the deeper parts of the Grove and awaited the reinforcements that would eventually destroy the invaders.

Result: Massacre Defeat.

Game Two - Fallen Brothers

Months passed and the damage that was done to the Crystal Grove was begun to be healed by the Spellsingers. However another treat, though not as dangerous to the young colony as the Goblin horde had been still threatened to weaken the defenders. Along the northern borders dark cloaked elves were reportedly being sighted briefly, before they could be eliminated they would disappear from sight. A week passed before more reports of a large Dark Elven slaving force had bypassed the outer defences of The Pools of Ara'yan and penetrated deep into the heart of Silverwood. Kai'la the Swift gathered to him all the forces in the immediate area and set about preparing to lay siege to the encampment the Druchii had made. Despite using the hidden pathways known only to the few Asrai of the Alter Kindred the Dark Elves were ready for the approaching Asrai. The wardancers and Kai'la himself worked in tandem to destroy the lizard cavalry of their enemies allowing the glade riders to work around the flank of the Druchii battleline. Despite forcing their dark brethren to withdraw the casualties amongst the Silverwood Defenders were horrendous. Kai'la himself was injured and would be forced to heal for many weeks.

Result: Draw.

Game Three - Mind over Might

2 months passed before the next attack came, it would be a battle that could not be claimed as a victory of sorts. During the night a lone figure handed himself into the sentinels of the southern borders and requested to be brought before the leader of the Silverwood elves. Seeing that the elf was one of their Highbourne kin he was brought before Sylvana Silverleaf and reveiled himself to be non other than the Highloremaster of Saphery himself, Teclis. He informed Sylvana that hidden somewhere inside Silverwood lay the tome of a powerful Caledor Mage-Prince that was killed many years before, Sylvana claimed that as Lord of Silverwood the tome was now hers to use to ensure the protection of her realm. Teclis claimed that as Highloremaster the tome belonged to his and that he would take it with whatever force was needed. With a heavy heart Sylvana demanded that the loremaster leave and began to plan on how to protect what she believed was hers. Sylvana proclaimed that the spellweaver Calaith Treewhisperer was to act as her general on the battlefield whilst she headed north on her forest drake to repel another attack on the northern borders. Calaith could feel Teclis' presence on the battlefield, she felt nervous, she knew her powers were nothing compared to the Highloremasters. Yet she had been trusted to win the day at any cost and she would. On the left flank a large unit of High Elven knights had become entangled amidst a copse of tree's after butchering a unit of waywatchers and were surrounded and torn apart by dyrads, wardancers and even Sylvana's personal bodyguard. She watched in horror as Teclis called down lightning and tore apart the glade riders she had tasked to remove the threat of the High Elven bolt throwers, mustering all her rage at the elf she called upon the spirits of the nearby trees to strike him down. Despite trying all he could Teclis couldn't dispell the angered trees and had a terrible wound slashed across his chest, with a cry of pain he fled from the battle realising the tome would not be his. Moments later the last of the High Elves had left the field leaving Calaith to recover the tome and present it to Sylvana herself.

Result: Massacre Win.

Game Four – The Hunt

Hours after her victory over the Highloremaster of Hoeth, Teclis himself Calaith and her victorious warriors began to travel north towards the palace of Sylvana. As they emerged into the Crystal Grove a volley of white feathered arrows burst from the undergrowth slaughtering the majority of the elven outriders. Calaith quickly assembled her warriors into a hasty battleline. Gazing across the grove her heart sunk as she spied Teclis leading another force of High Elves, the spellweaver knew that this time she wouldn't be able to contain the Highloremasters magic. She was still weakened by the gargantuan effort from the previous engagement. With a heavy heart she gave the order to advance, knowing that this engagement would see her forces annihilated. A tear rolled down her cheek. There was no fear of death, only the realisation that she had failed Sylvana. Mouthing arcane words bolts of lightning leap from Teclis’ hands and engulfed the elven glade riders, leaving nothing but a pile of ash on the forest floor that the wind quickly dispersed. Arrows continued to erupt from the treeline bordering the grove causing panic amongst the Glade Guard units. Against the formidable powers of Teclis and the High Elven Bolt Throwers the Silverwood Guardians stood no chance. Calaith was the last to fall. Cornered on the outskirts of the Crystal Grove she dropped to her knees and allowed the High Elven Shadow Walker to stab her through the chest. As the last of her lifeblood poured from her ruined chest Calaith’s body vanished.

Reports from scout units situated in the Crystal Grove would from now on talk about a fell spirit inhabiting the grove. Within a few weeks the grove would be renamed the Felgrove and shunned by the inhabitants of Silverwood. Calaith it seems was not at peace in death.

Result: Massacre Defeat.

Well that's all the games I've played with my Asrai so far. I'll be updating this topic after every game I play and record how it went. Until next time.

Take care,
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Default Re: [BatRep Blog] Colonisation of Silverwood - Year 1

Nice Reports. +1 Karma. Where is this Silverwood located?

Would be nice to see the army lists of each game too and maybe a real world game analysis.
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