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Chaos Daemons Discussion -
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Default Chaos Daemons Discussion -

Well, youve had time to read the book now, so what do you think? fave combos? useless units. Discuss all here.

I originally thought it was going to be impossible to make decent single god lists but after giving it some thought, Khorne and Tzeentch make very powerful ones.

Nurgle can make reasonable ones.

Slaanesh is a let down in almost all areas and its my fave god. The Keeper and their Spells are amazing, but everything else sucks for them.

Id probably run a Keepr with Lvl4, Temptator and Torment Blade with a Battle Standard Herlad of Slaanesh on Steed hiding behind it with the banner of -2LD. Herlads in Chariots with the Etherblade are great Knight killers though with that 20'' charge.

I love the Flesh Hounds.

The Fluff in the book is great, I really liked the stuff on the beast of nurgle.

I think Bloodthirsters are the best Greater Daemons, with Unclean Ones the worst. Bloodthirsters are relativly cheap [compare it to a lord on dragon] and can wreck whole units with ease, even in the front. Although Unclean Ones can actually rack up a fair few kills with certain gifts and it has the wounds to lose a few combats.

Bloodthirsters - For 550 Points you can get 7 S7 Flaming Attacks, Re-Rolling misses with a 1+ Sv and 5+ Ward and nullifying enemy magic weapons!

Heralds of Tzeetch in Chariots are amazing. Flying, rank breaking Chariots. Sure they are weak chariots, but they are 60pts and its still a chariot, THAT FLYS!.

Plaguebearers with a Herlad are a great Anvil unit, especially with Slime Trail. There are plenty of Hammer units to make use of them.

Brunettes and Beer.
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