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Swamp Wizard Dogs of War Army;
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Default Swamp Wizard Dogs of War Army;

I have a regular DOW army, but I also want an evil and a good DOW army.

The Good army will have a Truthsayer, Dwarf Paymaster, Dwarf Cannon. Lots of Ogres to represent the natural affinity a Truthsayer has over creatures like that.

The evil army will be;

Dark Emissary;
Wizard Lord [Death]; Lvl4, 1 Power Stone, 1 Dispell Scroll.
Wizard; Lvl2, 1 Power Stone, 1 Dispell Scroll.
Paymaster; Goblin Warboss, Great Weapon.

6 Fast Cav; Spears, Shields - Goblins
10 Duellists; Pistols - Skaven
10 Duellists; Pistols - Skaven

20 Cursed Company; - Corpses raised from the Swamps.
3 Ogres; - Firmir as they live in Swamps, Great Weps.
10 Ruglands Armoured Orcs;
12 Norse; Great Weapons - Pit Fighters.

2 Fenbeasts - as they are made of Swamps.

The fluff will be based around a Wizards lair in the marshes of madness near Tilea and Skavenblight. With a loyal bodyguard of freed pitfighters and Firmir from the Swamps summoned to his will. Clan Skyre gift him with units of Apprentice engineers [the Duellists] for his aid in their experiments [as he's near a Skaven infested area].

A Dark Emissery seeking refuge seeks refuge in the swamps [as they have an affinity with swamps] and happens upon the Wizard, he takes him in for the price of teaching him more of the Dark Arts.

The Paymaster represents a Goblin Trading Caravan that was lost and destroyed in the Swamps, offering the leader a chance to win back some of his gold by joining him and recruiting a force the Goblin Leader and the remains of his army [the Light Cav] hire Ruglands Armoured Orcs. The Goblin hid some of his treasure in the swamps and only he knows the location [representing the paymaster special rules], the rest of his treasure was taken by the wizard. He hopes to prove his loyalty long enough to sneak away and regain his treasure.

The Cursed Company will represent bodies raised from the Swamps.

I originally wanted a Chaos Dwarf Paymaster with a unit of Chaos Dwarfs with Great Weapons as I have some Chaos Dwarf Cannons, but with t he Emmisary taking a rare choice I dropped them in favour of the Gobbo paymaster with the armoured Orcs.

12 Power Dice + 2 Stones, with +1 to Cast on some,
7 Dispell + 2 Scrolls.

3 Unbreakable units,
Some shooting,
Lots of Magic,
2 Hard Hitting units,
1 Fast Unit,
2 Flank Protectors.

Im not sure on the paymaster and armoured Orcs, I was thinking maybe an evil Arabian money lender but I couldnt think of a way to have a unit that he ties in with. I dont see horses working to great in swamps otherwise I would have The Desert Dogs representing some Heavy Cav. The Chaos Dwarf idea works as the Gobbo Cav could then be Hob Gobs and the Skaven could be working in conjunction with them for the Dwarfs gifting Skyre the plans to some new super weapon.
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Default Re: Swamp Wizard Dogs of War Army;

Another Idea for the Paymaster. I was thinking of maybe having a Castellan, an animated suit of armour with no will of its own that the rest of the army was terrified of.

Not sure what Id have to go with him then though, I guess he could go with the Pitfighters.
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Default Re: Swamp Wizard Dogs of War Army;

I think that is a very effective army list that would be good in tournements. However it is not a practical amry for the ordinary gamer as it requires mail ordering and spending lots of money
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