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Bretonnians, their poo model range, and what to do about it.
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Default Bretonnians, their poo model range, and what to do about it.

I love Bretonnians. I think their background is awesome. I think the artwork in their Army Book is awesome. I think their rules are awesome.

I'd quite like to run a Bretonnian army, once I've got my massive backlog out of the way. But their model range is, as my subject line says, poo.

I've seen some very good stand ins that people have suggested here, but I like Citadel Miniatures and I want to do my best to use as much Citadel parts as I can. I'd quite like to be able to take them to tournaments, should I wish.

The main issue is the steeds. Thanks to the rest of the Fantasy range it's not too difficult to convert cool looking Knights (especially given the abundance of Space Marine arms I have left over, which look fine shoulderpad-less as armoured arms if you chainmail them a bit), but the Bretonnian horses are rubbish and I am looking for ideas for what else to do.

Ideas so far:

Cold Ones.
Steampunk Bikes (I don't like this idea so much. Fantasy is not Steampunk and people who try to make it so are kidding themselves. I do think the idea of an army of Hell's Angel Knights on Steampunk choppers is totally, totally awesome, but it doesn't fit Fantasy)
Some way of making (big job here...) Chocobos.

Does anybody have anything else they could add? If I could find appropriately sized big cat models that could be cool too.
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Default Re: Bretonnians, their poo model range, and what to do about it.

Ammm dude... I honestly do not know why are you complaining about brets range. There models actually cover MOST of the stuff that their codex presents unlike other codexes... If you JUST don't like them, well that's personal preference I guess...

GW has QUITE a few of plastic knight boxes such as -> Empire, Lizardmen, Wood Elves or New High Elves.
You can choose any of those for your main knights and light once for heavy cav. Heck, you can convert all your knights from basic Realm Knights.

Or you just have something Vs horses in general? If so, there isn't much you can do. The only alternative are lizardmen plastic coldonce. But ammm knight on cold one... Dude that's reserved for dark elves...

I'm just not sure what you want. If you want different horses -> empires pistoliers, empires knights, wood elven glade riders or High elves Silver helms. All of them are cheap (pistoliers are slightly more expensive but get load of gear).

Why am I talking only about plastic? easier to convert. That why I love my saurus warriors ^_^ I'm making two blocks fully converted ^_^.

P.S. I would STRONGLY advise against taking marine bits. Trust me, it will not look good. Heavy armor in Fantasy does not suppose to cover everything smoothly like a space suit... Only few models can do that "crossover", one of best examples are pistoliers! One of THE coolest ways to get rough riders for IG!
Then again, your army -> do what ya want.

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Default Re: Bretonnians, their poo model range, and what to do about it.

The brettonian model range is actually one of the finest around - you can make all your knightly units, and pegasus knights look amazing.

But if you aren't a fan, I don't know what to tell you. Either convert something, or play a different race, to be honest.

If its just the horses you have issue's with, well, most other horses are worse than the Brets - they are static looking and not half as good. The only ones better are the Wood Elves, but they aren't armoured, so you are in for a lot of converting. Either that or try other model ranges.

As for cold ones etc, well, they just wouldn't be Brettonion without horses - the whole army is based on a Knight and his horse, its like the core tenant of the army!

If you just want to use the Bret rules with Cold Ones for something like a Southlands army, I guess that could work, but Brets really do need horses, I'm afraid.
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Default Re: Bretonnians, their poo model range, and what to do about it.

Yeah, Bret Horses are probably the best in the GW range.

The Chaos ones are decent, you could go for that but it would get VERY expensive.

If you dont really care about Fluff or you dont want your army to be actual Brets and just use Bret rules. Then you could go Cold Ones [which REALLY look aweful, although the DE ones are ok].

If you want big Cats just get White Lion Chariots, you'll be getting 2 White Lions + 2 Horses for mounted Yeomen in each box. If youdo that id suggest Mane of the Purebreed to represent the Lions being stronger than actual horses.
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