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My lizard men 1k list.
Old 04 May 2008, 10:19   #1 (permalink)
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Default My lizard men 1k list.

This is my lizard man list.
Here i go.

Scar vet-167
Light armour
Charm of the jaguar.
Bane head
Spawning of quetzl
Spawning of sotek
Enchanted shield.

Skink Priest-160
Lvl 2
Blood statuette of spite
Curse charm of Topek.

12 saurus warriors-174
Full command

12 skink skirmishers-89

12 skink skirmishers-89

12 saurus warriors-204
Full command
Spawning of Quetzl

3 terradons-115

Army total 998

Can you give me any improvements if possible thanks.
PLease fight my guy please as he is
Please click on him to level him up.

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Default Re: My lizard men 1k list.

Hmmm lets make it quick ^_^

Heroes ->

Drop bane head and take Great Weapon, charm and ward save at this level. Performs great at below 2k.

Priest -> drop level and scout and all his gear. Give him 2 scrolls or Diadem(for cheap 3 dispel dice!). You are not going to be casting anything.

Core ->

Saurus -> 12 men units do NOT need sommand (may be musicians only), and run them in 2x6 as you need 5 models in rank to get rank bonus.

Demote one unit with spawning back to the core.

Make one skink unit not scouts and give 'em javs&shields to screen/redirect.

Special ->
NO braves on 'Dons. You DO NOT want to be challanged, you want to dump all those attacks on that silly wizard ^_^.

And with spare points take some kroxigors.

Now after those changes, you will have solid MSU (multiple small units) list. With that kinda pof slist, you shouldn't be afraid of fleeing with everyone but kroxigors and Scra-vet to get better charge

Good luck and check out -> http://www.pyramidvault.net/ ^_^

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Default Re: My lizard men 1k list.

Personally i would reduce the skink units to ten men each and completely scrap the terradons. With the points that were left over i would get 8 more saurus warriors and a unit of kroxigors. A few pints may have to be tweeked with the character as well
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