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Popemobile overpowered?
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Default Popemobile overpowered?

An old complaint I've seen in general, is that the Popemobile is too good. it's tough, relatively cheap, and can dish out obscene amounts of damage with the mix of impact hits, bound prayers, and the Golden Griffon. With Van Horstmann's Speculum, it can take on most high-end characters.

Is it too good for its cost?

Note: By popemobile, I mean Archlector on War Altar of course.
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Default Re: Popemobile overpowered?

Yes, it can be against many armies. As is the way with things like this though. If you come up against Dwarfs or other Empire it will get trashed very easily by cannons etc.

It is an amazing and cheap choice though, with the Speculum it can charge into anything on the battlefield and tie them up the whole game or kill any character the enemy has.

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Default Re: Popemobile overpowered?

I agree that it can be in some respects, but not in others. The bound spells it uses are not that good and the Arch lector riding it only has 3 attacks. Most armies have something that is quite capable of taking it out as well such as the above mentioned cannons and the kroxigors of the lizardmen.
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