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Starting Lizardmen 1k
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Default Starting Lizardmen 1k

OK this is my first lizardmen list, so help me out here.

Scar Vet[list type=decimal]
  • light armour
  • maiming shield
  • sword of might
  • spawning of quetzl

saurus warriors x16
  • full camand

saurus warriors x16
  • full command

skink skirmishers x24
  • javelins

kroxigor x3

salamander hunting pack x1

TOTAL: 979

I hope its a good list. Give me some advice. If you could help me use the last 21 points that would be great.[/list][/list]

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Default Re: Starting Lizardmen 1k

Hey mate and welcome in the ranks of Lizardmen. First things first ->

www.pyramidvault.net <- Great Lizardmen community ^_^

Now on to the list ->

Scar-Vet -> Sword of might will not give bonus to maiming shield so its not a very good combo. If you want him on foot to lead saurus, then either go ->
- piranha blade + ench shield to kill ogres/ethereals/trolls/etc. and overkill in challenges Vs champions
- GW + Venom of Fire Fly Frog + Ward = S7 attacks magical and poisonous, kills knights and instant-kills chariots.

Other option is to mount him on coldone so he would be mobile and make saurus he is with immune to fear. He will suffer from stupidity...

OR give him Jaguar Charm and give him GW and Ward = Jaguar saurus of Doom.
***And of course GIVE HIM TEPOK if he is on foot, additional Dispel dice, or Sotek if he is Jaguar warrior***

Another thing. You need a priest. Take a lvl1 priest with diadem of power. He will give you 3(!) dispel dice alone! Of course if turn one isn't yours then you will come 2 dice short but only for one phase.

Saurus ->

Please tell me that they are NOT going to march in 4x4 blocks??? You do know that rank bonuses only awarded when you have 5+ models in a rank? Just making sure you've read rules

Thats said, take one block of 20 with full command and give them quetzl (moving them in special for now since you don't have much special choices. On higher points NEVER do that as special slots worth their weight in gold)

Skinks -> NEVER EVER run them in units of 24! split them in 2x12! Or just 2x10 and make one unit scouts.

Kroxigors are fine

But you'll need to get some 'Dons (teradons) or chameleon skinks to take out warmachines (both can do that) monsters (chameleons) and mages (teradons)

Salamnder is fine I guess.

Over mate, seems like a not bad start, go to TPV and read up some things ^_^. People there are pretty friendly. Just make sure that you army answers can deal with ->
- warmachines
- ethereals
- magic
- knights
- fliers
- Multiwounded creatures (ogres/trolls/minotaurs etc...)
- Monsters (Giants/Dragons(yes with new HE, you can face a dragon at 1k...)/Manticores/etc..)
- Lot of Rank&File aka hordes
- Unbreakable/Stubborn units
List goes on really, that what I can recall ^_^

Yes there is lot to deal with, but don't be threatened by that, main issues you always have to look is army suits YOU and how well it can work together

Hope I helped ^_^

Walk Tall everyone!!!!!

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Default Re: Starting Lizardmen 1k

i would split the skink units up into two units and make them 10 men each. Then i would probably allocate a sacred spawning or two to the saurus warrior units
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