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2.3K high elf list.
Old 21 Apr 2008, 17:47   #1 (permalink)
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Default 2.3K high elf list.

This is my army list can you give me any tips on how to use it and if i could make any improvements.


Arch mage
Lvl 4
High elf magic
Ring of fury
Forlaths robe
Power stone total 303


Lvl 2
Lore of Fire
Silver wand
Gem of sunfire Total 170

Lvl 2
Lore of beasts
2 dispel scrolls
Magic talisman Total 185

Lvl 2
Lore of heavens
Skein Sliver Total 160


10 archers
Full command Total 135

10 Archers
Full command Total 135

15 Spearmen
Full command Total 160

15 spearmen
Full command Total 160

15 Spearmen
Full command
Lion standard Total 185


5 swordmen of hoath
Full command
Banner of sorcery
Dragon Horn Total 150

1 lion chariot Total 140

8 silver helms
Full command
8 shields Total 224


2 bolt throwers Total 200

Total for army is 2292
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Default Re: 2.3K high elf list.

Firstly, many people won't play a 2.3k game, 'cause normally if they could they can also play a 2.5k game.

Start at 2k then go to 2.5k etc.

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Default Re: 2.3K high elf list.

One quick note, nobody here can tell you how to play with a list you made. You may want to ask how to play a High Elf army, and then make a list to work to the High Elves advantages with a clearly defined plan as to how you're going to use them. That's the best way to get to know your army.
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Default Re: 2.3K high elf list.

Besides the odd points (make 2k list), there few obvious points ->

Characters -> fine whatever. I'm not much on HE magic selection. Keep in mind though, you DON't pick lore in list! They are picked in the beginning of the battle. This allows LEGAL tailoring and its one of the main advantages playing magic heavy army.

Core ->
Drop command from archers -> useless and free points for opponent for banner. NEVER do that.

Bump spearmen to 20 strong or more. Even with silly ASF and three ranks you will not do to match damage. And when flanked you will be flattened like a pancake.

Special ->
Dude... NO ONE runs swords masters in units of five. You will be blown away by a sneeze, let alone with one volley of archers. Especially when opponent will discover you put banner of sorcery in it!!! They are used in 12-18 men units. This way you have enough of them to last a bit and have 6 in front to exploit the silly ASF.

Chariot is fine.

Silver helms are not worth it. Take princes. Have no models? Convert ^_^

Rare ->
Its all good I suppose.

If you just starting, its perfectly ok, and you can always ask question first and then write lists. Everyone will help ya

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Default Re: 2.3K high elf list.

I think Swordmasters can work even in units as low as 6-7 models so long as you keep them safe untill you need them. 6-7 Should win a combat just fine, you just HAVE to make sure you screen them well. Plus its not like fast cav coming around your army can get the jump on them, they will just be chopped up before they even attack.

I agree on the Helms, take Dragon Princes instead.

Same with the Archers and Spears, 20 for the Spears, no command on the Archers.

Your army does seem very defensive, get an Eagle or Two to march block .
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